Youth in action 2013 scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Government of Mexico, through the Secretariat of public education, and the Government of the United States of America, through the Department of State, within the framework of its initiative “The force of 100,000 in the Americas”, in collaboration with the business community in both countries, announce that they will continue to offer the youth in action program in the summer of 2013.

the program is aimed at Mexican students enrolled in the first or second year of preparatory education in public institutions. In the case of private schools, applicants should check be scholarships for academic merit with a percentage of 70% minimum.

objectives of the programme:

promote youth leadership at local and regional level to form citizens committed to their communities.
Strengthen ties between Mexican and American youth to foster a better and greater understanding between the two countries.
Prominent Mexican Youth offer new tools to face the challenges that presents your environment, encouraging them to be agents of social change, contributing with leadership and civic engagement with their communities to prevent violence and social disintegration.

to achieve these objectives are offered full scholarships to participate in a summer program that will have an emphasis on the development of leadership skills and community involvement. The program is carried out for five weeks between July and August of 2013 with a comprehensive activities content that will allow them to come into contact with diverse audiences and establish networks with social and youth organizations in the United States.

grants cover the following:

transportation air international: CD. de Mexico/United States / Mexico Cd.
Transportation land or air, depending on the case, internal travel in United States as well as Mexico.
Cost of the program.
All books and/or materials required.
Extracurricular, recreational activities and walks.
Accommodation for the duration of the program as well as during the sessions of orientation prior to departure and closing in from Mexico.
Three daily meals.
Medical insurance for accidents / emergencies with coverage in the United States. Pre-existing illness will not be covered.
Waiver of rights for the issuance of the J-1 visa and payment of the SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System) with which those selected will participate in this program.

groups and organizations that coordinate and participate in the implementation of the programme will be announced at the end of April, 2013. The deadline to submit applications is February 17, 2013.

stakeholders must be: integrated into teams of 4 to 5 students of the same school and in the same turn of studies, that they are studying first or second high school in time to participate in the call and that, using his leadership skills and social commitment, submit a project or proposal that addresses a community problem focused on anti-violence (domestic(, school, sex, gangs, etc.), the prevention of social decomposition or abuse or addiction to harmful substances to health among young people. Remain excluded projects that are already underway under other initiatives such as for example those who are part of the ConstruyeT program, as well as those that have no relationship with the requested theme.

priority themes are: domestic violence, bullying, dating violence, prevention of the consumption of substances harmful to health, social and family disintegration, alcoholism, school dropout, and gangs.

computers that are selected shall develop and carry out their projects during the school year later upon his return to Mexico so it is very important to take into account that their proposals are realistic and likely to be implemented.

the project registration is per team and each Member must individually complete your application and attach the documentation requested in an online system. To initiate the request you must register first the (the) leader of the project and then each of the members, in: The online application is very friendly and recommended review it before starting to fill it. You can climb the information in different sessions, keeping each session to complete the.

be of Mexican nationality. Students with dual nationality, Mexican and American, or bearers of residency (green cards) cards, are not eligible.
Be a regular student of a Mexican institution, of preparatory education. In the case of private schools, the (the) applicant should be checked to have 70% minimum academic scholarship.
Count on an average of 8.5 scores (eight point five) or higher cumulative.
Having a level of advanced English given that all activities will be in this language. Therefore, a TOEFL ITP with 400 points minimum is required. In the next League you can find institutions where the exam: level of English can also be checked via CENNI of the SEP by referring to the following page:
The level of English should be checked using the official ballot of the TOEFL score, are not accepted formal or informal results issued by educational institutions, nor certified English teachers or other school officials. Make the application with time process, and comply with all the documentation that is required.
It is important to check in advance the dates and places of application of the TOEFL exam or equivalent exams. Many institutions of higher education offer the TOEFL and will give priority to students who demonstrate be in process of sending your application to the scholarship program.
Demonstrate your leadership as well as social commitment and involvement in extracurricular and community activities.
Choose a teacher (a) his institution that agrees to support the team and give the necessary follow-up to facilitate projects to come to fruition. The mentors started its work for the return of students of the United States. They are not responsible for coordinating the team in its registration process although they can support them in the design and presentation of your project.
It is not a requirement to have Mexican Passport at the time of filing the application. However, students who are selected as finalists will have to deal with it and pay the corresponding fee.

the application and documents that must accompany it will be presented online by following the procedure that is in the following web sites: and

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