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Women in Animation Scholarships

That the world is changing is not new. More and more people are joining the entertainment, technology and innovation industry. For this reason, Women in Animation offers scholarships to women who studyanimation.

If you are currently learning art and animation techniques, or intend to do so; The organization created by Phyllis Craig, has a great opportunity for you.

The program offers three (3) scholarships for women annually amounting to $1,500 for students who demonstrate artistic talent, passion for animation, and being a promise for the future.

Scholarship benefits


These are the requirements to apply for

This call is open to women (or those who identify as women); that come from any country in the world, without any other limitation slamming on the basis of race, professional level, experience or other.

Interested parties must be full-time students at a learning institute. Now, we recommend that you read very carefully the following points that are decisive to know whether or not you can participate:

  • You must be studying at a high school or college in the United States. So, if for example you are Latin American, you can sign up for this scholarship. However, you must have a valid student visa. Therefore, the houses of study will be at the same time, accredited by a recognized organization.
  • You'll need to become a member of the Women in Animation Organization.