Viana Foundation grants for artistic projects

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Viana Foundation, composed of CajaSur and the H.e. Diputación Provincial de Córdoba, in his desire for fostering culture and promoting actions of support to the creators and knowledge-sharing, collaborates with the Bilbao Arte Foundation in the edition of the present call for two grants for artistic projects.

this call aims at granting financial aid to projects which will be selected by a jury appointed to the effect, which will be composed of two patrons of the Viana Foundation and director of the school of Arts and crafts of Cordoba ‘Mateo Inurria’, or delegated. The jury, along with the bases, will be announced publicly on the web pages of the provincial Council of Cordoba, CajaSur, Fundación CajaSur and school of Arts and trades Mateo Inurria, before the failure.

the grant will include expenditures previously approved by the jury to deal with the requirements specified for the achievement of these objectives.

the present call aims to boost production and the development of proposals for any individual artistic discipline, and whose commitment is the be performed throughout the year 2013. They may participate in this call those born or living in Andalusia or Extremadura.

for the duration of the scholarship project is estimated a modality of time of two months duration, in particular the months of July and August. Each scholarship provides for a cash prize of 3,000 euros and the use of temporary leasing space in the Bilbao Arte Foundation for projects that require, in a justified manner, the use of a Studio or workshop (new engraving and screen printing technologies, sculpture, photography or movie set).

event that had seats available and a person chose this option, the total amount of the scholarship will be lowered the amount of the cost of the accommodation. Scholarship performers will also enjoy a parallel program of visits and exchanges with other foundations and Centre cultural of Bilbao, promoted by the Fundación Cultural BBK

artists selected for the use of these spaces will have at its disposal infrastructures available in the Center in their different work production workshops.

the allocation of a transfer space is its continued use during the period approved for the implementation of the project. The absence or lack of use of space for the use for which it has been granted is the waiver of the same. Such cancellation also means the renunciation of the use of the materials sponsored by the Fundación Viana and reimbursement of amounts received in materials so far of cesar in the use of space.

La Fundación Bilbao Arte offers the possibility of alojamiento-residencia over the period of development of the project, in dwelling shared among the artists of Bilbao Arte.


1. Dossier of the artistic project to be carried out, nature and details of the same.

2. Curriculum vitae.

3. All kinds of graphic documentation, catalogs, sketches and images that is deemed appropriate and to help complement the understanding of the project.

all documentation referred to points 1 and 2 must be submitted typed copy only in format Din A4 and on cd in pdf format. The maximum length should not exceed 6 pages. Point 3 documentation is not required to send it in pdf.

requests must be sent from the date of disclosure of these bases and before May 15, 2013 at the following address:

Foundation Viana (scholarships Bilbao Arte)

Area of communication of CajaSur

round of tejares them, 18-24

E-14001 Cordoba

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