Vargas Llosa novel Prize

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

All Spanish or foreign authors who submit their works written in the Spanish language, with the exception of those who have won this award in previous editions of this event may attend the prize of novel Vargas Llosa organized by the University of Murcia, the Social work of Caja Mediterráneo and the Chair Vargas Llosa.

works, free theme, must be unpublished, and must have been unpublished total or in part, or have been awarded in any other contest, contest, or literary activity, not only on the date of your admission to the competition, but at the time of the proclamation of the failure, and must send each participant a single original work and a copy of the same. More than one work by author is not supported.

these original must be submitted in accordance with the following specifications: Format DIN A4, typed double-sided, double-spaced, body of letter Times New Roman 12 points and maximum of 30 lines per page. They will be paged and properly bound. The extension of the work shall not be less than 150 pages. In any case the author’s name should appear in the text of the work, but its motto.

necessarily novels will be presented in competition under the motto or pseudonym, accompanied of escrow or closed, which shall contain the completed attached participation form. You should add a brief literary history, as well as a biographical sketch.

participation event is available on the Web pages of the University of

Murcia (, the Social work of Caja Mediterráneo ( and the Chair Vargas Llosa (

the works should be sent through any agency or institution mail or messaging that allows certified shipping. The recipient address will be as follows:

University of Murcia


Avda Lieutenant Flomesta, 5

building convalescence

30003 Murcia (Spain)

indicating in the envelope: for the PREMIO DE NOVELA “VARGAS LLOSA”. Those participants who wish to acknowledgement of receipt should be eligible for certificate mode with acknowledgement of receipt, being in any case shipment at expense of the participants.

authors undertake to notify the University of Murcia that his work has been selected or awarded at another contest as soon as they know it, in order not to prevent access to the awards of other participants. Received novels are considered to be completed for all purposes, not being able perpetrators modifications subsequent to your submission for participation in this competition.

the deadline for receipt of originals will be on July 22, 2013. After this, only are allowed to contest those shipments whose postmark evidence that they were sent before that date.

the planned funding is a single prize of 12,000 euros. This award is subject to the corresponding tax deduction according to current regulations.

issuing bodies shall designate the composition of the jury, composed of personalities from the academic and literary world. The decision of the jury will be unappealable and will be released in Murcia in the month of November 2013.

issuing entities reserve the right to change that date. The ruling will be announced to the winners and the media. It will be also published on the web pages of the University of Murcia, the Social work of Caja Mediterráneo and the Chair Vargas Llosa.

in order to check the unprecedented nature and award-winning non-winning works, the funding of these awards will be effective 30 days from the publication of the ruling. The payment of the prize implies the recognition and acceptance of the author of the transfer of the rights of reproduction, distribution, publication and sale of the novel awarded exclusively in favour of issuing entities by the deadline established in the current legislation on intellectual property rights, unless it involves no additional economic law other than the prize received. Thereafter the work will be published and reviewed with the mention of having obtained the prize of novel “Vargas Llosa”.

originals not awarded may be withdrawn by their authors or person authorized until 30 days after having made public the verdict of the jury. Not retired originals will be destroyed after this period.

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