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Valencia college scholarships

Convened scholarships for university studies during the academic year 2012-2013 at the universities of the region of Valencia.

for their granting shall take into account the economic ability and academic achievement, without prejudice to coordination with the general system of scholarships and study grants.

El Consell, conscious of the need to invest in human capital formation, intends to continue in this line to broaden the scope of the scholarships and grants to ensure that they reach a majority of University students in the region of Valencia, and thus promote competition, equality of opportunity and excellence in academic performance.

for this purpose, the Decree 40/2002 of 5 March (DOGV 4207: 11.03.2002), of the Valencian Government's support measures for university students in the Valencian Community, modified by the Decree 88/2006 of 16 June (DOGV 5284: 20.06.2006), ordered that aid for exemption from the payment of rates would be established by University academic services.

the referred decree 88/2006 extends the coverage of these AIDS to students studying in the private universities in the region of Valencia.

article 148.3 of the text revised from the law of rates of the Generalitat Valenciana, approved by Legislative Decree 1/2005, of 25 February, establishes that they compensate the universities the amount of fees not satisfied by the scholarship students. Given the nature of these grants, which are directed to a collective that does not pursue economic activity, these subsidies, by the very nature of the beneficiaries who are aimed, are excluded from the application of the principle of incompatibility with the common market formulated in article 107 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union, not being, therefore, compulsory notification to the European Commission.

compensation to public universities in the amount of rates not met by students who are granted exemption and the payment of the tuition assistance to students in private universities, will be conditional on the existence of adequate credit and enough for this purpose in the budgets of the Generalitat for the year 2013.

you can apply for the scholarship for university studies during the academic year 2012-2013, in any of the following lessons:

to) University teaching adapted to the European space of higher education leading to official degrees Bachelor's and master's degree.

b) the conducive to obtaining the titles of Licentiate degree holder, engineer, architect, diploma / a, teacher, engineer, engineer and architect/technical.

c) complementary training to access or obtain the degree of master's degree or to pursue official undergraduate studies.

do not include in this call exemptions or aid for the accomplishment of studies corresponding to the third cycle or doctorate, specialized studies or studies leading to the master of own titles of the universities.

for students enrolled in public universities, the scholarship will consist in exemption from payment of the amount of enrolled credits.

for students of private universities this scholarship will consist of a support for the payment of tuition fees of the credits that the student is enrolled. The amount of this tuition assistance shall not exceed the amount established in the Decree 110/2012 cited above, for the same or similar qualifications and curriculum. In the case of students enrolled in the official teachings of master, which referred point 1, paragraph a, of the first base of this order, the amount of aid shall be 19 EUR per credit, without prejudice to the first transitional provision of this order.

in all cases the only aid will reach credits enrolled by the student for the first time in the 2012-2013 academic year.

do not form part of the tuition scholarship those credits which exceed the minimum necessary to get the qualification concerned.

be construed as excluded from the amount of the scholarship exemptions and bonuses of the payment of the above fees that

both beneficiary was entitled exemptions from fees as subsidies for the payment of tuition fees will only reach the subjects or credits of which the applicant is enrolledthe 2012-2013 academic year, in a single degree and specialty.

aid shall be granted in the competitive concurrence scheme. In the event that the amount of aid proposed for grant exceeds the maximum overall amount second of this order referred to which, these grants will be awarded, in descending order, according to the average grade obtained by the students proposed for concession in the course academic previous or last carried out. In this case aid will be awarded until you run the abovementioned maximum overall amount, excluding scholarship students whose grade point average is lower to the student or students where runs such overall maximum amount.

for high school students who access the University entrance exam, enrolling first of first course of undergraduate studies and no changes made by other University studies, through the note medium to which refers the item # 1 above is the note of access to University. That note of University access not included, in any case, the qualification of the subjects of the specific phase provided for reference the Royal Decree 1892 / 2008 of 14 November, which regulates the conditions for access to the official university education of and procedures for admission to the Spanish public universities (BOE 28324.11.2008).

in other avenues of access to the University, note Middle a which is referenced in this paragraph will be that of the test or teaching that allows access to the University.

for students enrolling for the first time of first course of official master's average rating provided for reference point 1 above shall be obtained pursuant to the twelfth base of this order.

for students of second and subsequent courses, the grade point average provided for reference 1 above is obtained accordance with base twelve of this order. Addition, subjects in which the student, in the previous or last academic year made, is enrolled appearing as suspended without numerical rating or not submitted have, for the purposes of the provisions on this basis, the rating of 2.5 points.

to the Middle notes obtained according to the procedure laid down in this basis, from College of technical education, shall also apply them a coefficient of 1.17.