Universia scholarships Capacitas 2013-2014

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Universia Foundation launches the VII convocation of scholarships Foundation Universia Capacitas aiming to the socio-labour integration of people with disabilities, helping to enforce the principle of equal opportunities through an inclusive education.

by the granting of aid to college students with disabilities is pursued that they can access and progress in their University academic learning process until the completion of studies, thus increasing the achievement of a quality employment opportunities.

Podran apply for scholarships students who are enrolled or are able to enroll for the first time in teaching undergraduate and graduate officers given by Spanish universities and to legally credited a disability equal to or greater than 33%. Also, the teachings of old plans of study are included. Applications shall be one-to-one and only one application per person will be accepted.

contemplated the existence of three types of scholarships:

to) access: aimed at students enrolling for the first time in college.

b) progress: aimed at students who have already entered the University.

c) mobility: aimed at students who, by virtue of an exchange of the University program, wish to make a period training, a minimum of one quarter, at another University to his source.

Foundation Universia awarded, in this call, a minimum of 50 scholarships, and may also grant consolation prizes in case a remnant until the total budget for which is 250,000 euros.

the total amount of aid per beneficiary will be a maximum of 5,000 euros gross paid by bank transfer. Foundation Universia mandatory withholdings and shipped to beneficiaries who so request the relevant certificates.

the distribution of scholarships to be awarded as minimum in this call is as follows:

7 grants access.
34 scholarships of progress. This mode provides both the possible renewal of the grants awarded in previous editions of the call as the incorporation of new candidates.
7 mobility grants.   
2 scholarships for athletes with disabilities attached to ADOP Plan, who will enter the University or are already in college. This category of scholarships is included under the agreement signed with the Higher Council for sports, Once Foundation and the Spanish Paralympic Committee, who will participate through the person designated by each institution, in the jury of these scholarships.

applications for the mobility grants must be submitted to Foundation Universia, before October 1, 2013, until 19:00 (Pacific time). Applications for other scholarships can be sent between July 2 and November 15, 2013 until 12:00 (UK time).

applications should be submitted only via telematics on the address https://candidatos.fundacionuniversia.net/becas_capacitas/pedir-beca by completing the form and attaching the additional documentation in Word format .doc or Adobe Acrobat. pdf.

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