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Twelve scholarships V National Congress of community pharmacists

The Spanish society of community pharmacy (SEFAC), through its seven regional delegations (Andalusia, Aragon, Catalonia, Valencia, Galicia, Balears Islands and Madrid), has summoned twelve scholarships to encourage the sending of communications of unreleased and scientific interest to the V National Congress of pharmacists community, to be held in Barcelona between 15 and 17 November under the slogan "Solutions for a necessary pharmacy""effective and safe".

fellowships have an aggregate value of 6,000 euros, at a rate of 500 euros per grant, intended to cover the registration to the Congress and to help in the cost of the displacement and/or stay.

the contents of the work must be related to one of the following categories:

dispensation. Pharmaceutical indication. Monitoring pharmacotherapy. Health education and public health. Interdisciplinary work. Clinical cases. Others.

in each delegation will be the regional executive responsible for designating the winning entries of each scholarship.

scholarships each delegation have their own bases, which can be consulted on their specific pages within In any case, only eligible for them community pharmacists practising in any of these seven autonomous communities.

SEFAC Aragon - Lifara summons a fellowship to which eligible partners and also non-members who are students of the X refresher course in pharmacotherapy that organizes this delegation. SEFAC Comunitat Valenciana has opted to convene three scholarships, exclusively for members. SEFAC Andalusia, SEFAC Illes Balears, SEFAC Galicia and Madrid FACOR-SEFAC convened a scholarship each delegation, exclusively for members. SEFAC Catalonia, as host of the V National Congress of pharmacists Community delegation, offers four grants, two for members ($ 500 each) and two others for non-members (registration to the Congress fee more subscription for one year to SEFAC).

to be eligible for any of these scholarships is essential to submit communications to the Congress via the website: and, in addition, send them to the email address of the delegation that corresponds:

Aragon ( Andalusia ( Catalunya ( Region of Valencia ( Galicia ( Illes Balears ( Madrid (