Travel studies and practices in Germany foreign students

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The German service of academic exchanges (DAAD) subsidizes travel of studies and practices for students in the Federal Republic of Germany for groups of foreign students under the direction of university professors.

the objectives of these grants are, on the one hand, the transmission of knowledge of specific subjects by means of visits and briefings (study tours) and, on the other hand, the realization in the University area of practices related to these subjects – for example, specialized courses, intensive seminars, or workshops – at the invitation of the German higher education centreswhich are also responsible for the Organization of such practices in the University, companies or public institutions (practices for students).

at the same time, the encounter with German scientists and students should contribute to the establishment and promotion of contacts between German and foreign higher education centres and provide participants with insight from inside of the civilization of Germany, i.e. of its economic, political and cultural life. The latter should not occupy more than a third of the length of the stay.

can apply for these grants to groups of students in foreign universities led by a College Professor and registered of course in their respective careers in the second half.

the number of participants should not be less than 10 or greater, as a general rule, to 15. In addition, aid may be granted to a College Professor as accompanist of the group.

Se be granted aid for travel of studies and practices for students for a minimum of 7 days and for a maximum period of 12 days (travel days included), even though the total duration of the trips may be greater.

the DAAD will arrange insurance for sickness, accidents and civil liability for each group receiving this aid modality. More details about this particular in the letter of confirmation of the grant.

DAAD not paid in any case international travel costs.

the granting of aid annually by applicant, Department or Institute is not possible.

the trip will be organized and carried out by the group itself or the applicant University Professor. The DAAD will pay a standard amount of 50 € per person per day.

mode of practice for students is carried out as a promotion of a project, insofar as the DAAD paid a standard amount of 50€ per person per day as a supplement to the costs of travel and stay in Germany.

all documents must be in German or English, or accompanied by a translation into German or English.

are authorized to request aid for study tours teachers of foreign higher education centres. Applications – written in German or in English – are delivered in the information centre of the DAAD in Madrid

are authorized to request aid practices of teachers of German higher education centres. Fellowships are requested online through the portal of the DAAD

the deadline for receipt of applications is open until October 1, 2012 (for travel from March 1, 2013) and until January 8, 2013 (for travel from 1 June 2013).

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