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Training of managers and managers of agri-business scholarships

The high training program for managers of enterprises of the food chain is an initiative of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment which aims to improve the qualifications of positions and management, as well as boosting competitiveness, sustainability in the market and the globalization of the agricultural companies.

to do so, the Official Gazette published the regulatory bases of the granting of scholarships of high training of managers and executives of companies, whose scope extends to the entire territory of the State or is greater than the of an autonomous community, involved in the production, processing and distribution of food or food products, excluding transportation and the hotel and restaurant activities(, in accordance with the definition which, food chain, establishes the article 5, paragraph a), law 12/2013, 2 August, measures to improve the functioning of the food chain.

grants provided for in this order are intended to partially defray the tuition of training actions. Training actions must correspond to one of the following thematic areas:

1. Management and management of agricultural companies.

2. Innovation in business models and in agribusiness.

3. Internationalization and foreign trade for agricultural companies.

4. Finance and economic and financial decisions for agri-business.

5. Marketing, communication and food sales management. Knowledge of the consumer.

6. Competencies and skills policies and management for agricultural companies.

7. Digital competencies for agri-business.

8. Management of risks in the agri-food sector.

9. Engineering and agro-food process automation.

10. Chain management of procurement and logistics for agri-business.

11. Agreements and business partnerships in the agro-food sector.

12. Strategic challenges of the agri-food sector.

13. Sustainability of the agri-food company.

14. Environmental management in agricultural companies.

requirements of the beneficiaries.

to) be Spanish or national of a Member State of the European Union or third countries resident in Spain.

b) have an experience credited as Manager or Director, of at least three years, in positions of responsibility in management or in companies of the food chain, without requiring that they perform that job at the time of submitting the application.

c) be registered and have confirmed the training action square or are working towards the training action for which requested the scholarship in a forming entity that meets the requirements set out in article 4.

d), in General, the requirements that, for beneficiaries of grants, laid down in article 13 of law 38/2003 of 17 November.

the maximum grant amount will be 60 per cent of the cost of tuition for the formative action. The call is set to a maximum amount per beneficiary.