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Training in sociology Navarre scholarship

Instituto Navarro's sport and youth convened a training scholarship for graduates than graduates in sociology or graduates in applied Sociology with destination in the General Sub-Directorate of youth of this Institute.

scholarship starts the day designated by resolution of the concession which may not be earlier than 1 June and will end on December 31, 2014. The scholarship may not be extended.

scholarship is endowed with an annual maximum of 7.593,04 euros, of which 7.558,32 was loaded in the year 2014 and, 34,72 in 2015. Social security contributions are included in the total amount. Shall be paid to the beneficiary in 1050.00 euros gross monthly installments, or its proportional part, if applicable.

training scholarship will be incompatible with other scholarships granted by the administration of the Foral community of Navarre, by other administrations or other public or private entities, or by private individuals.

only be benefiting individuals who meet each and every one of the following requirements:

to) be of age.

b) be Spanish, national of a Member State of the European Union or national of a State included in the scope of application of the international treaties concluded by the European Community and ratified by Spain, which is implementing the free movement of workers. In any case, those who do not have Spanish nationality must prove sufficient training in the use of the Spanish language.

c) have full capacity to act and not be disabled to obtain grants and public funding of the administration of the Foral community of Navarra and its autonomous bodies, in accordance with article 13.2 of the Ley Foral 11/2005 of 9 November, grant.

d) be registered in Navarre, since at least one year before the date of the call.

e) be in possession of the official university degree indicated on the base one, issued or approved by the Spanish authorities, and having obtained within the three years immediately preceding the date of publication of the present call.

f) not be physically incapacitated, or disease that may impede the development of training activities constituting the object of the scholarship.