The ships for artists and creative scholarship

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Las Naves scholarship program aims to help artists and creatives to realize their projects, providing a period of time to create, away from work and family stress of everyday life, in an optimal physical and environmental environment, interacting with artists and creatives from different artistic disciplines.

with this program, is intended to artists and creatives from different nationalities, cultures and artistic specialties are spending a time to develop their creativity while working, create and exchange ideas, techniques, initiatives, experiences, concerns and knowledge with other colleagues in an atmosphere of cordiality, harmony, cooperation and mutual respect.

scholarship performers must be their creative activity of autonomous, individually or collectively and not tutored. Develop for themselves, possibly contribute to its cultural, professional, artistic, personal and human development.

the scholarship program, aware of the spatial and economic difficulties that many artists have to develop their work provides them an environment and resources to realize, develop, and give way or life, to which each is in his mind and that, if it were not for these resources, perhaps not could be made.

research, study or apply new techniques, experimenting with materials other than the usual and share experiences and concerns with colleagues, often a very enriching experience, where each one if you want to be at the same time teacher and student of himself and other creatives.

Las Naves fellowship programme is aimed at graduates who have completed their studies in the academic year 2010/11 and to students in project of end of career in the areas of photography, design, music production and video creation of any nationality and with a maximum age of 35.

activity to be carried must be viable in the workshops of the ships, so it is not recommended the submission of projects that require the use of heavy and/or excessively noisy machinery, fire, toxic materials etc…

the call is open until September 15. Two scholarships with a strength of 3,000 by scholarship shall be awarded. The ships offered free spaces to scholars.

the equipment of the ships will support with their human resources solution to the needs of artists, minorizando your expenses, and undertakes to publicize the initiative and the work underway in its publications and website.

the ships not to assume any costs which the selected artists are involved, such as transport, accommodation or maintenance, materials… but can help scholars, if they so wish, to get the best possible prices.

once finished the period of the scholarship and the works are completed, they will be presented and exposed in the facilities of the ships.

the duration of the scholarship shall be three months.

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