The national geographical Institute scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

This order is to establish the regulatory bases for granting, on a competitive basis and in accordance with the principles of publicity, transparency, concurrence, objectivity, equality and non-discrimination, of aid for training and research in the fields of astronomy, geodesy, geophysics, mapping and geomatics. The aid shall take the form of training grants and will be financed from the budgets allocated to the General Directorate of the national geographical Institute.

training will be held at the offices of the General Directorate of the national geographical Institute, as well as the dependent bodies, both organic and functionally.

Podran to be beneficiaries of grants and subsidies provided for those individuals who, having full capacity to act and when not disabled to obtain grants or public subsidies meet the following requirements:

to) possess Spanish nationality, a member country of the European Union or a country party to the agreement on the European economic area. Also may apply for grants aliens legally resident in Spain, in accordance with the provisions of article 9.3 of the organic law 4/2000, of 11 January, on rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain and their social integration.

however, may be admitted to the procedure who not meeting any of the above requirements, in case of being selected at the time of the formalization of the Fellowship are in possession of the corresponding visa issued by the Spanish Embassy in the country of origin enabling them to remain in Spain during the time to develop such scholarship.

b) in the case of foreign nationals will be necessary that the applicant possess a full mastery of the Spanish language, circumstance that will be checked by the Commission’s assessment by personal interview.

c) be in possession of the degree, graduate, engineer or architect required in the call, or prove the payment of royalties for his expedition, before the end of the deadline for submission of applications. Senior engineers may submit certification of having completed all the subjects of the degree and only have pending the realization of the project limit. Where in the qualification submitted as principal has just completed the second cycle, must be accompanied, for the titration, titration which allowed access to that.

d) the qualifications obtained abroad or in Spanish non-State centres must be approved or recognized at the time of submitting the application, unless the applicant has been admitted by a Spanish University to carry out an official postgraduate degree.

e) in the case of foreign degrees, approval may be substituted by the appropriate certification issued by the University where is covered by the title, which shall contain the information unified and personalized the Graduate University on the studies, the results obtained, acquired professional skills and the level of their qualification in the national higher education system.

f) have completed the studies, and be able to obtain the corresponding degree within a maximum period of four years immediately preceding the date of expiry of the deadline for submission of applications. En_el_caso_de engineers will take into account the provisions of subparagraph (c)).

g) not exceed the 30 years of age.

h) cannot be physically incapacitated or disease that may impede the development of training activities constituting the object of the scholarship.

i) had not been beneficial, be it at the time of the request, or have renounced any of the scholarship of the national geographical Institute in previous calls.

j) applicants, to obtain the status of beneficiary, may not incur in any of the causes of disqualification provided for in article 13.2 of law 38/2003 of 17 November, General subsidies and, in particular, must be informed in compliance with its tax obligations and against Social Security.

the amount of the economic allocation of each scholarship will be 12,000 euros per year and its amount will be paid by monthly payments overdue at the rate of 1,000 euros per month, in proportion to the actual time of grant, which apply discounts and deductions which may be applicable in accordance with the provisions in force, not allowing the realization of prepayments or fertilizers to account.

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