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The Regional program of scholarships of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences Announces the launch of the competition of projects of research CLACSO-SIDA 2013 aimed at researchers in Latin America and the Caribbean on youth and youth movements in Latin America and the Caribbean.

through this contest, and as in the previous years, is intended to promote the work of researchers from centres in the network, stimulate their academic training and strengthen support for research in countries of the region with fewer opportunities for the development of academic life. Therefore, that reward, especially and primarily, the quality and viability of the selected projects. It will also take into account the thematic distribution of the proposals and will be special care in ensuring adequate institutional, regional and gender representation at the time of choosing fellows who will be incorporated into the program.

on the other hand, taking account of guidelines established by the Steering Committee of CLACSO, and continuity with the objectives and the actions promoted by the Secretariat Executive Council in recent years, this call also hopes to stimulate and strengthen the articulation between research projects presented within the framework of these competitions and areas of training activitiesteaching and research applicants developed in their respective institutions and countries.

in this sense, research profiles were determined in order to encourage and deepen closer links between academic research and postgraduate training in institutions that are part of the network of CLACSO. As in previous contests, entries and assigned grants will be organized in the following three categories: two grants of “Top-level” (B1), four scholarships “Academic consolidation” (B2) and 10 scholarships of “Introduction to research” (B3). The qualifying criterion is defined by the level of training of graduate and experience in research and teaching of the applicant.

registration for the competition will remain open until 13: 00 hours (Buenos Aires, Argentina) of the day Monday, April 15, 2013. The international jury will meet in May to evaluate the submissions received and the opinion will be unveiled publicly at the end of the meeting. It is essential that applicants are able to conduct their research on June 1, 2013 to 31 May 2014.

the new call CLACSO-SIDA 2013 targets initial, intermediate, and senior-level researchers resident in the region and supported by centres members of CLACSO.

this contest awarded two (2) scholarships of “Top level” (B1) of US $14,000 (US $14,000) each one, four (4) scholarships of “Academic consolidation” (B2) of US $11,000 (eleven thousand U.S. dollars) each, and ten (10) scholarships of “Introduction to research” (B3) of $6,000 (six thousand US $) each una1. The call shall award a total of sixteen (16) research grants.

grants of “Top level” (B1) applicants must complete social scientists with doctoral level studies (or equivalent merits), extensive and recognized career and significant academic work on the subject because of the competition that are presented. It is important to highlight that you expected applicants in this category to comply fully with all the requirements mentioned in this profile in the field of training, research, teaching and academic work.

– Applicants to “Strengthen ing academic” (B2) grants should be scientists with PhD in course or full or complete graduate studies (or equivalent to a full master’s merits) and experience in research or teaching in the subject because of the competition that arise.

– Applicants to “Initiation to research” (B3) grants should be social scientists with training of graduate (master or doctoral) course and/or any participation or experience in research or teaching in the subject motive of competition arise that.

“Introduction to research” grants applicants (B3) must have an academic tutor with solid theoretical and methodological (of doctoral level or equivalent experience) training, extensive professional experience and significant production in the proposed item to perform the relevant accompanying in the development of the presented research, should the project be selected to receive a scholarship. Applicants who are doing graduate studies may present as a tutor for his thesis director. Those who are not pursuing postgraduate studies but prove equivalent experience to apply in this category should also include the name of the researcher who will have to direct its research work. The tutor must have the institutional backing of the Member Center that supports the candidature of the applicant. The payment provided to the guardian that the methodological and substantive follow-up to investigations of the winning fellows in the B3 category is US $500 (five hundred US dollars) which will be paid in a single payment one time end the activities of the fellows that they oversee. The selected tutor may not supervise another investigation within the framework of this call.

applicants must enroll in one of the above categories and may not participate simultaneously in other categories. It is essential that all applicants are capable of performing the research proposed

on June 1, 2013 to 31 May 2014.

every researcher can only participate with a proposal in every competition of CLACSO – SIDA 2013-2016 scholarship program. Not be admitted research already completed or group presentations.

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