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The FECYT AIDS the scientific culture

The Spanish Foundation for science and technology (FECYT) published the call of support for the promotion of the culture of scientific, technological and innovation 2015.

all entity may submit how many applications for aid deems appropriate, to the financing of actions framed in the various lines of action defined in paragraph two of the call and the modalities in which they are articulated.

applications will be evaluated according to the mode in which they are presented.  Single applications may be to one of the modalities of participation.

entities may well participate individually or in coordination with other entities which, in turn, meet the requirements of the beneficiaries of the call. In the latter case, only one applicant will act as coordinator of the proposal and will be responsible for the implementation and distribution of the aid granted to the rest of the participants in the action.

sets a single assessment process for all projects presented to the call. They will be evaluated according to the same criteria:

to) substantive criteria: definition of objectives, format and degree of innovation, public. (b) operational criteria: planning, strategy and communication, experience of team plan, contributors. (c) economic criteria: sustainability, efficiency (d) criteria for impact: impact and quantitative and qualitative impact assessment mechanisms. In the modalidades1.1-building projects of the. Scientific and culture innovation and 2.1. Fostering creativity and scientific vocations will be awarded a maximum of 5 points to those requests that are framed in the formats priority to these modalities.   The minimum score required for the applicant to be beneficiary of aid is 60 points irrespective of the procedure to which the request belongs.