The ESESA postgraduate MBA scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The school Superior of studies of company (ESESA), in collaboration with UNICAJA, through single, young Unicaja space, with the aim of completing the training, development and professional development of young people with university degree, announces scholarships for university graduates aimed at the realization of the Master programme in administration and management of companies session onwards MBA session, during the academic year 2012 / 2013.

convened fellowships are aimed at the participation of students who are scholars in the program MBA session, which will take place during the months of November to July for the academic year 2012 / 2013.

the number of scholarships that will be awarded will be three and are distributed in the following way:

1 scholarship of 100% of the MBA session program registration rights, that economically quantified amounts to a value of 7,500 euros.
2 scholarships of 50% of the MBA session program registration rights that economically quantified amounts to a value of 3,750 euros.

in the amount of the grant to grant per pupil are included the necessary teaching materials for the development of the same, excluding the costs of accommodation, maintenance and stationery materials necessary for the monitoring of the course. In any case, the amount of the scholarship will be reimbursed for their cash value.

requirements of applicants

Academics. It is essential that candidates have university studies completed in the period of this competitive call. In addition, applicants must meet Additionally as a prerequisite that not after more than three years from the date of completion of their studies, whose computation starts day one of the month following its effective completion. However, the previous requirement has exceptions derived from the University fields of engineering, architecture and medicine.

in the case of the two first degrees, the period of three years counting will start from day one of your final project defence the following month, provided that the period since it would have completed the last year until the introduction of the draft not exceeding two years. For graduates in medicine the period of computation generic for all degrees will have as an exception to students who have completed their university education with courses of specialization (MIR). In this case, the computation period will begin each day of the month following the obtaining of the degree of doctor. The requirement of completion of College also has an additional exception related to those students in phase of completion.

students who were enrolled in the last year, will be equally able to formalize the request for any of these scholarships, provided they fulfil the following conditions: a) requirement of full completion of the penultimate University course, b) be in possession of a good academic record and c) be entitled University on October 22, 2012. For these purposes means completion of the race, the approval of all the subjects in their final year and in his case, having passed the number of credits required by the faculty or University College where he has completed College, though watch the expedition the University degree obtained, by any of the exceptions that existed (adoption of memory)(, thesis, dissertation, or project end of career, etc.).

studies. Some of these scholarships may apply for all those people who have completed university studies in any Faculty or the Spanish university higher education institution. This right of request will be extended to those who having carried out studies in some foreign University had their university studies validated by the Ministry of education and science, or public institution with powers delegated to it.

language proficiency. Applicants who have an excellent command of English language at the time of formalizing the request, is essential to justify it with any title or accrediting certification thereon. The additional languages possessing applicants will be valued positively. In the event it was not in possession of degree or certification of knowledge of the English language, the candidates could alleviate this requirement, provided they undergo the necessary tests to determine their level of knowledge.

age. Persons applying for any of these scholarships must have been born after January 1, 1986.

be a single account of Unicaja

the nomination “why should I be I the chosen one”. Your nomination is additional requirement that applicants include in the application to be designated as the best candidate to give the scholarship. To do so, can deliver through: a. support role, accompanying him to the rest of the documentation. b. support video that will be posted on the website, where in a maximum time of 3 minutes must be able to demonstrate that it is the best candidate to whom to give scholarship.

other requirements. The request must be accompanied by an affidavit stating the realization of any other master’s degree program, as well as not to be in possession at the time of making the application of any other scholarship or help economic, from another organization or agency to pursue postgraduate studies.

the call or the time limit for receipt of requests ends on September 28, 2012 at 1400 hours.

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