The Embassy of France and the Arequipa Regional Government grants

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The Arequipa Regional Government and the Embassy of France signed a framework agreement establishing a device in support of scientific and student mobility in the Region of Arequipa to France on March 26, 2010. For the first time in the Peru, a Regional Government undertakes to set up a Fund of 40,000 euros annually to finance the mobility of 4 students of Master and PhD of the Arequipa region 2.

candidates are selected by a mixed jury made up of representatives from the region of Arequipa, the Embassy of France, of the IFEA, IRD, the French Alliance of Arequipa.

service for cooperation and Cultural Action of the Embassy of France in the Peru gives the status of gdb (scholarship of the French Government) to selected candidates who benefit as well as intensive training in French in the French Alliance of Arequipa. This program is particularly important for its innovative character, its visibility and the expected results. Indeed, the main objective of this scholarship is in the development of the region of Arequipa allowing arequipeños youngsters get a scholarship that will allow them to form into France with a specialization of interest to the region.

the scholarship consists of a Fund of 40,000 euros a year to distribute among 6 candidates (4 masters and 2 doctorates):

– the provision for a student to Master is 8,000 euros per year: 6,000 euros to cover the expenses of stay, 1,000 euros for the passage of aircraft and 1,000 euros for the French courses in the French Alliance of Arequipa.

– a PhD student allowance is 4,000 euros per year (“sandwich” scholarship, funding for four months in France per year for 3 years): 2,000 euros for the costs of stay, 1,000 euros for the airfare, $ 1,000 for kinds of French in the French Alliance of Arequipa.

the gdb (scholarship by the French Government) Statute allows free benefit of University enrollment, membership in student social insurance, free visa and of the CampusFrance registration, repatriation and civil liability insurance. Also allows a privileged access to a student by the CNOUS accommodation.

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