The Chinese Government scholarships to study in Sichuan

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

This scholarship is applicable to institutions of higher education in Sichuan province who are entitled to enroll foreign students. These institutions include regular full time higher education institutions, colleges of vocational and colleges that have been approved by the Ministry of education of China and offer formal programs. Scholarship amounts are awarded as follows:

scholarship student PhD: 30,000 RMB / person / year

scholarship student mastery: 25,000 RMB / person / year

scholarship student undergraduate: 20,000 RMB / person / year

scholarship Junior College student: 15,000 RMB / person / year

scholarships for students in the long run: 10,000 RMB / person / year

scholarship seeks to reward the excellent students among doctoral students graduate students, undergraduate students, young university students and students studying in relevant institutions and who are applying to study at institutions long-term. Students will have the scholarship each year until they complete their studies on the premise that are approved by the institutions each year.

foreign students can search the web site of the institutions to obtain information about the registration procedure and the scholarship application. Based on the requirements of the application, students can directly submit a request in writing to the relevant institutions.

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