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The 2015 SEPI Foundation grants for work in Telefónica Spain

The SEPI Foundation and Telefónica Spain call 10 scholarships at Telefonica of Spain and 15 fellowships in Telefónica Soluciones, having purpose facilitate to young university graduates, as well as to engineering students who have approved all the subjects of the race, with the exception of the project of end of career, periods of practical training as interns, in premises of Telefonica of Spain.

also encourage participation in this program for people with disabilities of degree equal to or greater than 33%, provided that they meet the established requirements.

the grant will have a duration of maximum 12 months. Fellows incorporated, whatever her cause, after which is finally established, will see reduced its endowment in the proportion corresponding to the period of practical training not developed.

to be eligible for this scholarship, you have to meet the following requirements:

have been born after December 31, 1984 and obtained the academic title (see call) after December 31, 2009. User and be willing to fix residence

have high level of English, computer science at level in the place where the scholarship is awarded to him.

Podran also apply and qualify for grants convened students to pursue engineering and who have passed all the subjects required to obtain any of the titles refers to that paragraph, with the exception of the project limit.

the amount of the scholarship amounts to € 834 for trainees who have completed the studies of master degree, graduate or senior engineer; €750, for trainees who have completed the diploma studies, technical engineer or graduated (Bologna); €750, for Fellows who have the status of engineering students, pending project approval limit.