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Ten scholarships to study Chinese in China in summer

The Confucius Institute at the University of León and the University of Siangtan convened ten scholarships to study Chinese in China during the summer. The duration of the scholarship will be from 5 to August 31 and covers, among other things, a four week course of Chinese in the Centre of languages of the University of Siangtan. The scholarship also includes textbooks and class materials. In addition, a degree of assistance shall be issued. On the other hand, the aid covers the accommodation in double rooms of the campus of the Chinese University.

with this scholarship students of the ULE will also enjoy two visits to various places of cultural interest in the area and especially organized for the Group of University of León. On the other hand, students will have a companion, voluntary student of the University of Siangtan, that will help them permanently. Provided that the Leonese University students go to China in a single group, they will pick up at the airport and will take them to the University campus.

to qualify for this scholarship has to be a student of the University of León and be enrolled in the Confucius Institute during the current academic year 2011-2012.

the application shall be filed in the direction or Faculty of the Institute until June 6.

the list of scholarships students will be issued starting on June 8 in the notice board of the Institute Confucio de la Universidad de León.