Studies scholarships and institutional communication of Parliament works

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Congress offers four individual grants for work or institutional communication studies related to parliamentary activity which entrusts the press Department of the Chamber. Studies and works will be owned by the Congress of Deputies.

of these scholarships will be reserved one for granting persons with disabilities degree equal or superior to 33 per cent, provided that they meet the requirements laid down in the fourth base and evidence, within the time limit referred to in paragraph 7 of the fifth base, the indicated degree of disability and support for the performance of the tasks and functions. In the event that grant would not be covered acrecerá you free time.

applicants who wish to qualify for the turn of reserve referred to in the preceding paragraph shall so it recorded in the corresponding instance.

each of the four scholarships will have a duration of twelve months, and the total amount will be 12,900 euros each year be completed each month at a rate of 1,075 euros. The Congress of deputies will hire an accident and sickness insurance for each of the fellows for the time of duration of the scholarship, on the assumption that these contingencies have not covered and within the conditions of such contracts. The scholarships, which are indivisible and individually, will be incompatible with any other granted for the same period or any other paid work.

granting and enjoyment of the scholarship will not make labour or official relationship between the fellow and the camera. The status of the research personnel in training does not apply to these grants.

scholarships will be awarded by the Bureau of the Congress of Deputies, on the proposal of a jury consisting of the speaker of the House or Vice President to whom delegates, who will chair it; a Secretary of the Bureau, the Secretary general or, by delegation, a Deputy Secretary general and the director of communication, which will act as Secretary. Deliberations will rise with the agreements of the jury Act, signed by the Registrar with the approval of the President.

finished the period for submission of applications, the jury will meet to examine them and raise the proposal at the table by December 14, 2012.

the granting of scholarships will be proposed by the jury by majority vote and they granted by the Bureau, also, by majority vote, but they may also declare deserted. The jury will also propose eight alternates in the case of resignation or not justification of requirements and merits of bidders.

may request grant the Spanish university graduates in information sciences who meet the following conditions:

to) have completed the studies subsequent to January 2008.

b) have enjoyed for more than six months of another scholarship from the Congress of deputies of the same characteristics.

be measured as merits academic records, studies and practices on institutional communication, studies and experiences in media, computer literacy and new technologies related to the journalistic activity and knowledge of languages.

the jury will make a pre-selection of candidates for a personal interview. The place, date and time will be communicated to each one of them in a timely manner.

applicants for grants must submit an instance addressed to the General Secretary of the Congress of Deputies within ten working days of the publication of this notice in the “official bulletin of the State», in the Secretariat of the Directorate of communication (calle Floridablanca s/n, II large building, ground floor, the Congress of Deputies)(, 28071 Madrid) in Schedule 10 to 14 and 17 to 20 hours, from Monday to Friday, or refer it as provided in article 38 of the law 30/1992, of 26 November, legal regime of public administrations and common administrative procedure. The request shall be accompanied by the curriculum vitae, photocopy of the national identity card, two recent photographs of passport size and the form that is published as an annex to this call.

the theoretical training of applicants will be computed according to the hours of the courses (aside from the race enabling them to attend this contest).

practical experience will be assessed by full months.

both ends must be clearly expressed in the form of instance.

the jury may require any applicant presentation of certifications that demonstrate the alleged merits.

in any case, the candidates must be available to the jury, the day of the interview, the alleged merits certifications.

the selected candidates must be submitted within a period of ten days of his appointment and, in any case, before the inauguration, certified photocopy of your degree (obverse and reverse).

those applicants who have not obtained scholarship or as holder or as a substitute, they will have a period of two months to collect the documentation presented, after this deadline will be destroyed.

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