Six scholarships to support the reception and displacement of Erasmus

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Erasmus grants are intended to improve the quality and strengthen the European dimension of higher education, by encouraging transnational cooperation between universities, boosting mobility in Europe and improving the transparency and full academic recognition of studies in the Member States.

management tasks arising from the programme require a high level of professionalism only payable managers as part of the structure of the Office of international relations.

however, the European Commission, through the Erasmus national agency, provides for the granting of aid whose purpose is precisely the organisation of mobility for the programme, aid which, in part, can be allocated to award scholarships to students willing to carry out an activity both formative and informative, collaborating in the entire grants management process, attending consultations formulate you those interested in participating in the program and participating in the reception and sending of fellows.

therefore, the Rectorate of the University of Seville has resolved to make public a 6 scholarships call for support at the reception and displacement of Erasmus students in the University of Seville.

in this way, the University of Seville, through the International Centre, offers two grants for support in the reception and displacement of Erasmus students, working on of information and advice and respond to correspondence that generate such students; and four grants to support the reception and displacement of Erasmus students, making workings of search for accommodation and care of the correspondence generated by such activity.

will participate in this call those students enrolled in any degree of the University of Seville who have knowledge to level written and spoken English and a second language of the European Union, exclusion made from the Spanish and other official languages of the Spanish State, and knowledge to level spoken English for students who choose to option c), although other languages may be taken into account.

applications must be completed on-line, following the procedure described at the following address:, until June 20, 2012.

candidates selected as fellows to support the reception and displacement of Erasmus students form must be submitted on September 5 in the unit of international mobility, where they will receive precise instructions on the development of the activity for which they were appointed.

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