Short stays in centres of research of Severo Ochoa

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Call for program Severo Ochoa of short stays in other research centers of the program “Severo Ochoa” by 2013, which will be governed, in addition to the provisions of the present call, by the resolution of the Ministry of education, culture and sport of May 2, 2013, by which approve the regulatory bases of the program “Severo Ochoa” supports predoctoral training in research and teaching of the Principality of Asturiaspublished on 6 may 2013 BOPA.

the total maximum aid amount may be complemented with seventy-five thousand (75,000 euros) from other credits that may reassign, generate, build, or extensions of credit, subsequent to this resolution. This additional budget will be published in the official bulletin of the Principality of Asturias. The possible increase in the amount of funding call for proposals does not imply in any case the opening of a new deadline for submission of applications.

the aim of this call is the realization of short stays in character training in centres other than the center of application of the aid granted, and recognized, in order to perform learning tasks in laboratories of research, acquisition of new instrumental techniques and other activities directly related to the plan of training or improvement for which the aid was granted.

beneficiaries will be those which are it previously aid of Severo Ochoa programme, irrespective of the year of grant, provided that previously not obtained assistance for more than two short stays. You may not request support for the first award year or more than one stay annuity.

stays must be performed in renowned research centres located outside Spain.

stay shall be entirely in the year 2013, and during the period of validity of the Severo Ochoa help of each applicant.

the short stays for which aid is requested must match, justified exceptions, with the academic periods and/or the ordinary activity destination centers, provided for the duration of the stay is existing aid, and its duration may be less than 30 days nor more than 90 natural.

the maximum support to grant to each person receiving for the realization of the short stays requested throughout the year not exceed in any case the 3,000 euros, plus all the concepts, and will be made in aid amounting to 40 euros per day counted from the day of the departure of the return, both inclusive, which will add support for navigation with the following limits:

• if the displacement is done to a center located in a European country belonging to the European Union or the EFTA: up to 600 euros.

• if the displacement is done outside of these countries: up to 1,200 euros.

movements must be made by public transport. Only in duly justified cases be used, upon request and with the approval of the collaborating institution, the private car. In this case the maximum amount of the aid shall be calculated at a rate of 0.19 €/ km, without that in any case it does not exceed the maximum amounts laid down in the preceding paragraphs.

beneficiary researchers of short stays to research centers outside Europe product, by express request to the collaborating institution, insurance of accidents and disease during the exact dates of length of stay. The maximum cost of this insurance will be of 300 euros.

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