Seneca College student mobility grants.

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General information: descripción:ayuda for the mobility of students. These grants are intended to support the initiative SICUE (Exchange system between university centres of Spain) and increase the diversity and breadth of the education on offer in higher education, by providing that a part of the studies can be followed in universities other than that in which the student has enrolledwith immediate recognition in his academic record of passed appropriations, thus consolidating a University System Spanish more permeable and communicative. In this call for proposals have included graduate studies information about the recipients SICUE program: students enrolled in Spanish universities or institutions of higher education whose titular entity does not have non-profit shall benefit from this programthat they are pursuing the studies leading to the award of the official titles of degree, degree, engineer or architect or the diploma, engineer or technical architect, including the completion of the final project, and you have obtained a place in the SICUE call for the academic year for which grants be convened.Number of grants: for the academic year 2010-2011 meets no more than 2,170 scholarships.Requirements: Students wishing to apply for scholarships must certify: be enrolled in a Spanish public university or private University without profit. Having obtained a place in the SICUE call for the academic year for which grants be convened. Have a minimum of credits overtaken and enrolled. Have a minimum grade point average. Information on the requirements to apply for the scholarship information on the obligations of the beneficiaries in order to enjoy the scholarship Endowment: scholarships will have an amount of 500 euros per month and a unique travel help to each beneficiary of 120 € / 200 € dó depending onNDE or from where to move.Duration: The maximum aid effectiveness will be 9 months and covered between October 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011, regardless of the teaching period of the universities.PresentaciónDesde term: 2010Hasta April 09: May 13, finished presentation 2010Plazo how do it?: filled out the application form in the model available in this website or the Vice President responsible for the participating universities. Application form: form to destination: the application form is presented in duplicate at the universities of enrolled students.

Selection process: the selection process is carried out in regime of competitive concurrence among all applicants, by branch of learning and taking een exclusively has the documentation provided in the application form and the documents forwarded by the universities. Explanation of the process of selecting incompatibilities: these scholarships will be incompatible with each other for the same purpose and nature obtained for the same academic year. Also may not be granted a scholarship from a call to beneficiaries of past papers.More información:duración: the periods of stay and the minimum contents to study call convocatoria:texto: official call document.Date of publicación:08 of 2010Más información:plazo of presentation April: from April 9 to April 23 both including: deadline for submission of applications to universities from April 24 until I gaveto 13 may both including: review and recording of claims by the universities in the application solicitud:modelo application: downloadable template to fill out the application.Instructions: The application forms must be filled in its entirety and they must be submitted in duplicate and duly signed by the applicant. Universities will review the applications received and submitted to the Ministry of education those requirements, together with the documentation required for these applications. Processing of the request by the universities required documentation: application form (form A) duly signed by the applicant and in duplicate. Photocopy of the identity card or identity card for citizens of countries of the European Union and resident card or residence for non-EU citizens. Place of delivery: the application form (standard form A) will be presented exclusively in the General Register of the University which is student the applicant. Will be unsuccessful requests submitted directly by the student to the Directorate of training and orientation University. resolución:resolución: order EDU/2326/2010, August 16, which are awarded grants for the mobility of University students “Seneca” for the course acadéMico 2010-2011. (Published in the Official Gazette 3-09-2010) Annex I. Previous grants. Annex II. Grants to host universities of fellows. Order EDU/2557/2010, September 17, correcting omissions in order EDU/2326/August 16 (BOE September 3) for which are granted subsidies for the mobility of University students “Seneca” for the 2010-2011 academic year. (Published in the Official Gazette 2-10-2010) (Annex I). Annex II. Order EDU/2865/2010, on 27 October, awarded grants for the mobility of University students “Seneca” for the 2010-2011 academic year. (Published in the Official Gazette of November 8, 2010) Annex I Previous grants. Annex II Grants to universities host fellows. acceptance form of resignation more information form: print from the notebook of fellow explanation, instructions and filling in the notebook of intern more information about this procedure or service: I need General ayuda:dirección of training and orientation University. Subdirectorate General of training and mobility of teachers. Section grants Seneca. C / San Fernando del Jarama, 14-16 28071 – Madrid. You may also be interested: frequently asked phone questions:-e-mail address:

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