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Scholarships USJ Heraldo de Aragón

This call sets a scholarship in Heraldo de Aragón by titration with the requirements specified in the following point. These scholarships are for students again income University San Jorge (USJ) enrolled in all subjects in the first year of any of the following qualifications and whose path is the P.A.U.:

degree in journalism Degree in advertising and public relations Degree in Audiovisual Communication Degree in translation and Intercultural communication

in case of simultaneous studies only be awarded the scholarship in one of the registered qualifications, since a student may only receive a scholarship. When I had right to grant two degrees will be awarded in one of them and in which not to grant will be awarded to the next person with best access P.A.U.

se qualification granted scholarship to the student who obtains at the PAU, the highest rating of access to university studies.

note of access = 0.6 x NMB + 0.4 x CFG

NMB = grade point average in high school.

CFG = rating of the overall phase.

candidate must have formalized procedures for enrolment in the first full course of one of the degrees.

where several finalists had the same rating of access in the P.A.U., the tiebreaker and the scholarship award, be taken into account the average rating obtained in high school. When the stalemate continued, will proceed to the tie-break with a test of the University San Jorge.

not economic criteria shall be taken into account.

candidates must submit the application at the time of registration or before October 15, 2013. Once closed the regular registration period, be ordered the qualifications of applicants of biggest to smallest and the scholarship will be awarded to the candidate with the highest rating of access.

the scholarship will be up to 70% of the amount of tuition for the first year of Bachelor's degrees indicated. (6.006 euros).

in case of which the beneficiary of the scholarship Herald has been beneficiary of another scholarship from the University San Jorge, the quantity resulting from the sum of the amounts of grants, shall not exceed the amount of course fee which is granted.

student who has obtained the qualification of higher College of the enrolled degree access and that has been granted the scholarship for excellence will get, in addition, an additional bonus of 30% of the registration fee to complete 100% of the tuition for the academic year 2013-2014.

the grant will be paid through reduction or elimination of monthly fees arising from to complete the enrollment process. When students leave the course studies not credited the amounts corresponding to the remaining monthly payments.

candidates should submit scholarship application, at the time of registration or before October 15, 2013. The call will be resolved in the second half of October and will be posted on the Bulletin Board of the Faculty of communication.