Scholarships University Fidel Velazquez

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

In order to provide permanent support to students and promote interest in your personal improvement for better performance in his professional life, the technological University of Fidel Velazquez, it gives grants and manages both internal scholarships and external.

to) grants internal

are considered internal scholarships that the University gives to its students and consist of a percentage of discount on the economic contributions. There are the following types:

grants for students from low-income

scholarships for students in sport or culture

scholarships for children of military parents special scholarships

eligibility of applicants: be regular students, enrolled in one of the educational programs that are taught in this House of studies. Consideration of personal and family problems that put at risk staying at the University. 

requirements of the applicant: prove a minimum grade point average of 8.0, be a regular student, observe good conduct, proof of qualifications:

 for students enrolled in the first semester must submit the certificate of secondary education.

 for students from second to sixth and eighth to tenth semester will have ballot or academic record that contains the previous four-month period studied.

 for students who are in seventh semester certified T.S.U. or academic history.

proof of registration for the semester in progress, which is the pay stub, attaching the tab of bank payment, proof of income (receipt of payroll, the company record or letter from identification of the father, mother or guardian responsible), proof of recent outflows (a receipt of payment of light, a receipt of payment for water, a receipt of payment for phone(, a receipt of payment of gas) in case of services; If not presented letters signed by the parent or guardian to justify the use of the services, with the exception of the telephone service, copy of the credential of the University in case of not having it present a recent official ID, letter from explanatory statement signed by the applicant and the director of the academic division that corresponds. 

B) scholarships external

external scholarships are those granted by different University bodies and their characteristics shall be those defined by the authority granting the scholarship

program of scholarships PRONABES – ESTADO DE MEXICO grants them (* annual)

Objective: achieving educational equity in programs offered by public institutions of higher education by granting scholarships to youth in adverse economic conditions, favouring the exit of higher education. The scholarship consists of a monthly payment of aid of holding the amount of which varies according to the school year in which the student is enrolled in the educational program. The scholarship covers the period of twelve months.

practices support program, residential and professional stays Education Foundation SUPERIOR-EMPRESA (FESE) * annual
. Strengthen the training of students in higher education through hands-on experiences, allowing feedback in real spaces the knowledge acquired in the classroom.    The scholarship consists of a $9,000.00 for economic support (nine thousand pesos 00/100 M.N) which will be dispersed in two exhibitions; 50% on half of the stay and 50% at the end of it. 


Stay school program for students of secondary upper and higher education in the State of Mexico, is a strategy taken by the Government of the State of Mexico through the Ministry of education, to encourage the retention of young people in their studies. 

is a program that is aimed at students with increased risk of abandoning studies or who are in areas of high social marginalization, which tries to promote its permanence and boost their academic performance, promoting their development in equality of opportunity. 

the amount of support is $4,000.00 (four thousand PESOS 00/100 M.N) and will be delivered for the only time, using a single display.


The program of academic excellence for students in higher education in the State of Mexico, is a strategy taken by the Government of the State of Mexico through the Ministry of education, to recognize the effort and dedication of upper level students who have achieved an outstanding academic achievement and encourage student interest community to improve achievement and school performance. The scholarship will be according to the provisions of Secretary of education of the Government of the State of Mexico.

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