Scholarships to study languages abroad Madrid

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The community of Madrid favors the learning of a second foreign language in the different stages of the educational system, both in the stages of infantile and primary education and secondary education, promoting the development of Spanish-English bilingual teaching in an important number of public schools, through the programme of schools public bilingual Spanish of the community of MadridHe began his career in the academic year 2004-2005 and that it has extended gradually to concerted private colleges and institutes of secondary education.

also, the community of Madrid has undertaken actively in the incorporation of other foreign languages creating programs “Sections language of French and of language German language” for compulsory secondary education, which began in the academic year 2006-2007.

in this context, the Ministry of education and employment of the community of Madrid in order to support Madrid families that want to keep, strengthen or improve the formation of their children in the languages English, French or German, in the summer period will convene scholarships for the study of foreign languages.

to these scholarships through the community of Madrid aims to improve the learning and development of foreign languages of Madrid students at the same time that they enjoy the enriching experience involving the language immersion in foreign-speaking countries.

will be eligible for scholarships to students who are pursuing their studies in the courses of the educational stages of education indicated in each order of call, from any authorized teaching of the community of Madrid the competent Ministry of education in the year of the call.

1. At the end of the deadline for submission of applications, students must meet the following requirements:

to) be enrolled in courses of educational stages of education indicated in each order of call.

b) have completely overcome the course immediately prior to which refers the call with a note media that is at least “good” or “six”

c) be enrolled during the academic year referred to in the call, as subject language requested and obtained during the immediately prior to which refers the call a note that is, as at least “good” or “six”.

d) not be in any of the circumstances provided for in article 13 of the

law 38/2003 of 17 November, General subsidies.

scholarship is granted for the language courses abroad that occur in the time period to be determined in each order of call. Within the concept of foreign language course is included the cost of classes, of necessary transport to the country of delivery of the course as well as the residence and maintenance.

the deadline for submission of applications will be specified in each call and will not exceed one month, counting from the day following the publication of the corresponding announcement in the official bulletin of the community of Madrid.

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