Scholarships to students displaced and sportsmen of high-level

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Town Hall of Sallent (Huesca) has summoned regulatory call for aid to students displaced outside the municipality of Sallent de Gallego and bases of high-level athletes.

given the situation of the locality and the difficulties to follow trials regulated in their municipal term, is goal of this city promote culture and training among its inhabitants, as well as high-level sporting activities, granting aid to those young people who need to continue their studies outside the town.

may be beneficiaries of this grant students who meet the following requirements:

1.-be registered / a, the applicant, their parents or guardians, as neighbor/a resident in the municipality of Sallent de Gallego, with an age of two years to the date of expiry of the deadline for submission of applications, and have less than 26 years.

2.-having studied at a school formal official mandatory post in the 2011-2012 academic year, whose studies are aimed at obtaining an official degree, outside of the Alto Gállego Comarca, or currently enrolled at any school of sports that can be considered of high level, which is located at a distance which would oblige the recipient to necessarily reside outside the municipality.

3.-have requested assistance in time and form, as set out in these rules.

4.-not be whom the applicant, or their relatives, in procedures of payment by way of compulsion of debts incurred with this Council. Likewise keep abreast of tax and Social security payments.

No aid shall be granted to those who have repeated the academic year 2011-2012.

the City Council has approved a budget of aid to the study of

25,000 euros. The maximum amount of the aid shall be EUR 2,500.

grant, along with the relevant documentation requests, will be presented in the General registry of the Town Hall of Sallent de Gallego. The deadline for submission of instances will be until November 30, 2012.

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