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Scholarships the ships for artists and creative 2014

The space of creation Las Naves Announces scholarships for artists and creatives, aimed at supporting the implementation of projects. The scholarships offer a time and space so that they can create and they can interact with creatives and artists from other disciplines.

grants of ships offer the possibility of artists of different nationalities, cultures and work areas to develop their creativity while they exchange ideas, techniques, experiences and knowledge with other peers.

Las Naves scholarships provide these artists and creative environment and resources to realize, develop, investigate, study or apply new techniques, experimenting with different from the usual materials and share experiences and concerns with other artists.

the requirements to participate in the program of scholarships of the ships are be degree with studies in the academic year 2012-2013 or be student's thesis in the disciplines of photography, design, music production, performing arts and video creation. Open to people of any nationality with 35 years at most. The object of preparation during the Fellowship activity must be viable in the workshops of the ships, so the presentation of projects that require the use of heavy or excessively noisy machinery, fire and toxic materials is not recommended... The theme is free and the call is open until February 15.

artists wishing to obtain one of these grants (individual or collective) shall submit the following documents:

request with information and photocopy of ID or passport Curriculum Vitae with studies and other activities (exhibitions, awards, other scholarships, etc.) Project that will be developed during the period of the Fellowship: description of the concept of work, global budget, specification of materials and tools to be used, installation of the works, parts transport, time of preparation, enumeration of stages of development, if any, mention of the support of external technical services, other circumstances and needs, personal statement that the project is unprecedented and has not been exposed beforenor any scholarship received previously for the same project. In the case of collective personal documentations of all members must be given. Folders will be adjusted to the format DIN A-4 and will be sent to the ships, Department of scholarships. C/Juan Verdeguer, 24 46024 Valencia.

a jury of experts composed of technicians from the ships, professors and professionals will evaluate and select projects that qualify for grants. The jury will take into account, primarily, the artistic quality of the projects submitted, his refreshing sense and its viability.

in total will be awarded five scholarships of $ 3,000 each scholarship. Spaces are transferred free of charge to scholars. The equipment of the ships will support the solution to the needs of artists, with their human resources, minimizing expenses, and undertakes to publicize the initiative and the work underway in its publications and website. The ships will not assume any expenditure in which the selected artists will be involved, such as transport, accommodation or maintenance, materials... but can help grantees, if they wish, to get the best possible prices. Once finished the period of scholarship and the works are finished, these will be presented and exhibited at the facilities of the ships.