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If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Alicia Koplowitz Foundation Announces 10 scholarships for stays of 1 to 6 months, to broaden academic, clinical, methodological training or collaborate in research projects in foreign centers of prestige in adolescent psychiatry and neuroscience in the child.

centers will be freely chosen by the applicants between hospitals, universities and institutes of research programs appropriate to the project. The original of the letter of pre-acceptance of the destination for the project Center is required. The enjoyment of scholarships must be made during the year 2014.

in published articles, communications to congresses and other scientific findings of the stay, the scholar is obligated to expressly mention the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation as funding, as well as to send a copy of the work or communication to their fiscal domicile.

the grant will have an allocation of between 3,000 and 4,000 euros per month depending on the place of destination. It will deduct the amount of the grant the amount of withholding established Spanish tax regulations or relevant foreign.

with the funding, the grantee shall bear the costs of travel, stay, health insurance and maintenance during the period of the fellowship.

economic allocation shall be paid into the bank account designated by the scholar in the following manner:


Spanish nationality.
Be psychiatrists (MIR) or clinical psychologists (PIR) with training in the area of childhood and adolescence. For the area of neuroscience, they must be post-doctoral researchers.
Fluent in spoken and written English and the language of the country of destination.
Be considered to merit personal being at the service of the public administrations and certify this condition.
Accept and comply with the conditions and requirements of the Bases of the scholarship

to be eligible for the scholarships, applicants must submit completed form to request pertaining to this call and is available on the website of the Foundation (  In this form are ordered:

– applicant’s personal, professional and academic data.

– the travel data.  Attach letter of pre-acceptance signed receiver Centre.

– Objective of the stay. Description of the activity that will develop and reasons why the requested grant, in a maximum of two pages.

– brief summary of health care and research activities carried out previously in the area of child psychiatry and neuroscience in the child.

– presentations to Congress only three years.

– address or participation in research projects, only in the last five years.

– publications indexed by impact Factor according to the JCR, only in the last five years.

– duration and detailed budget of the stay (ticket plane, diets, etc.)

the application form must be accompanied by the following documentation:

– photocopy of DNI

– original letter of acceptance from the receiving Center.

– Photocopy of the title of Licentiate or Doctor.

– Photocopy of the title of specialist in psychiatry or clinical psychology or are working towards certificate or have completed the period of MIR and PIR.

– documentation that accredits training in psychiatry or psychology in the area of childhood and adolescence

– recent certificate that accredits the domain of language English and/or in the country of destination

– merits teachers

– merits of research supporting documentation supporting documentation.

applications should be submitted according to the downloadable form from the website and they must be sent by February 15, 2014, in the following manner:

1.-Original bound of the printed application form including the letter of acceptance from the receiver Center and supporting documentation, to the attention of:

Fundación Alicia Koplowitz

Miss Monica Garcia

Paseo de la Castellana, 28 – 4 º

28046 Madrid

2.-document unique in PDF, with the completed application form and supporting documentation, identifying it with the surname and first name of the applicant to the following e-mail:

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