Scholarships Santander U-Work Puerto Rico

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The objective of this call for 2012-13 of the Puerto Rico U-Work scholarships is promoting internships of about 200 students enrolled in Puerto Rican universities pre-selected by Santander universities, a division of Banco Santander Puerto Rico, for a period of six months, in allied companies of Banco Santander, contributing to the training of the students practical skills that can be used to navigate the world of work.

the program is structured through a series of calls in which labor practice scholarships will be offered. At the end of 2015, Santander expected to have offered around 1,000 scholarships of Puerto Rico work through this program.

ten Puerto Rican universities have been pre-selected by Santander universities to participate in the U-Work Santander scholarship and are listed below:

1. Caribbean University
. Conservatory of music Puerto Rico
. Ana g. Méndez University System
. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico
. University Carlos Albizu
. University Bayamón Central
. Inter American University of Puerto Rico
. Universidad Politécnica de Puerto Rico
. University of Puerto Rico

10. University of the Sacred Heart

the participating universities will identify, within the framework of their internship programs, fellows assigned to this program making explicit mention to the name “scholarships Santander U-Work” and including the logos of Santander, and ‘Puerto Rico makes it better’ in the documentation and relevant supports. Logos or marks will be used only as authorized by the owner of the logos or trademarks. They may not be in any way or for any other purpose.

may apply to participate in the program – such as companies and organizations will be allocated where the fellows-, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large companies, multinational corporations and other organizations interested in the same.

for the selection of the participating companies, Santander universities will take into account the following, among others:

– that the company is Banco Santander Puerto Rico client.

– tenders for carrying out practices and training projects, particularly suited to students with disabilities.

– Company in need of practicing part time, since the University fellow must meet academic responsibilities at the same time

– each enterprise must have the physical space suitable and equipped so that the intern can perform the work requested

– the company must employ a minimum of five (5) persons (including the / owner/a)

– belong to industries identified for the program:

signatures of architecture

engineering firms

accounting firms

technology companies

insurance companies

consultants of business

business of retail (retail sales, jewelry, technical facilities)

business wholesale (food, transportation, logistics, distribution)

industry health (hospitals, nursing, pharmacy), laboratories

– to receive information to participate, or if your company does not belong to any of these industries, but have the interest to participate and offer the opportunity to practice in a University, contact

– the company must recognize that the payment received by each fellow will be a stipend that will be paid by a third party and therefore the company should not assume a patrono-empleado relationship.

– All participating undertaking public liability insurance must be a day and in law, including:

Fund of the insurance of State

– commitment to complete an evaluation of the intern assigned once completed its practice.

– Santander universities reserves the right to choose the participating companies at its discretion.

may perform this internship program in business college students who meet the following requirements:

who are enrolled in any of the participating universities.

that have exceeded 75 per cent of the necessary credits to obtain the degree that was studying while they meet the academic progress standards set by your college.

each student must have a minimum average (GPA) of 2.75 to participate.

students willing to work 20 hours a week in practice.

that not maintain contractual relationship one with the company which will carry out the practices.

certification of good conduct.

college student will be considered fellow, not employee.

the / the student will receive a monthly stipend by the University for the practices carried out, that will be received after the end of the month. The stipend will be deposited to a personal account opened with Banco Santander Puerto Rico. Not necessary, that practices are part of the curriculum, although the student may ask your University that recognize you those credits that meet practice standards applicable to their University.

practices will always be formalized through an agreement of educational cooperation between Santander universities and the University, and an agreement of collaboration between Santander universities and the target company, taking into account the conditions of the programme.

practices will have a duration of six months which may be extended to nine months at the request of the company receiving, not and can be carried out the realization of the same fractional manner. Enlargement or extension of the internship of the scholarship for an additional period to the initial six months, the company will be responsible for payment during that extra time, a stipend equal to which the student is receiving so far.

in either case the period granted under this call must have completed in July 2013.

the internship will receive one helps the study of $500.00 per month for 20 hours a week work. This amount will be established in educational cooperation agreements.

this helps the study may be supplemented by any other help the company target, and voluntarily, want to offer to the fellow.

the time limits set for this call are as follows:

– until 19 October 2012: period of enrollment of students.

– Until 19 October 2012: period of registration of companies.

– November 2012 – July 2013: practice period.

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