Scholarships postgraduate in consumer

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Specific call for proposals aims to award three scholarships for the theoretical and practical training of graduate in terms of consumption, at the Council of consumers and users, in regime of competitive concurrency, graduate in at least one of the following areas of knowledge: law, economics, and journalism.

the purpose of the grants is theoretical training and practice of graduates as specialists in the field of consumption, as well as the provision of support for human resources for the development of the tasks of the Council of consumers and users.

to do this, the training will take place through a tutoring program that includes theoretical and practical training of the scholars in the field of regulations related to the protection of consumers and users, as well as their institutional representation through their associations.

Fellows will have the advice, guidance, direction and supervision of a tutor, who will be the Secretary of the Council of consumers and users.

guardian monthly will evaluate the compliance of the designed training programme, prior to the payment of the monthly amount of the scholarship. Each scholarship has a prize of 884,16 euros gross per month.

the maximum duration of scholarship, in accordance with the seventh base of the order SCO/643/2006 of 16 February, will be annual, extending from the moment of the resolution until December 31, 2014, and may extend during the year 2015, provided that there is budgetary provision for the exercise, by resolution of the President of the Spanish Consumer Agency, Food security and nutrition, prior control of spending and evaluation by the selection Committee for the work carried out on the basis of reports from the tutoring.

Podran apply for grants convened in the resolution, the persons who meet the following requirements:

to) possess Spanish nationality or that of a member country of the European Union, be resident in Spain at the time of joining the Fellowship, and have full capacity to act.

b) be in possession of the academic degrees of Bachelor of law, degree in economic and business sciences or Bachelor’s degree in journalism.

c) not exceeding 30 years old.

d) knowledge of English and other languages of member countries of the European Union.

e) level user databases, Windows, email and Internet management.

f) the date of completion of the studies may not be prior to the academic year 2009-2010.

g) titles achieved abroad or in Spanish non-State centres shall be confirmed or recognised previously to the final resolution of the call.

h) had not previously enjoyed a grant from these characteristics of national consumption Institute.

i) be free from disease or physical or mental impairment that hinders him for the fulfilment of its obligations as an intern.

j) not being in any of the causes of disqualification provided for in article 13.2 of the General Law of subsidies.

k) the candidates from other countries of the European Union must prove domain of the Spanish language for the proper performance of the functions and tasks to be developed in the Council of consumers and users.

the application forms will be available at the headquarters of the national consumer Institute, calle Príncipe de Vergara 54, in the Secretariat of the Council of consumers and users, or through Internet on page.

stakeholders will direct its requests, according to the model’s instance that is included as annex I, to the auxiliary register of the Spanish Agency of consumer, food safety and nutrition, in the calle Principe de Vergara, 54. 28006 Madrid, or in the places provided for in article 38.4 of law 30/1992, of 26 November, legal regime of public administrations and common administrative procedure, within the period of twenty calendar days, counted from the following the publication of the resolution’s call for proposals in the official bulletin of the State.

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