Scholarships PhD at the Universidad Estadual Paulista of Brazil

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Scholarship program to study PhD in Universidad Estadual Paulista (UNESP) is a line of action of the programme of support to foreign students of PhD (PAEDEx).

program offers 21 scholarships for doctoral studies for a maximum period of 48 months. It is aimed at teachers and not Brazilian researchers, linked to institutions of higher education of any Latin American country (including Spain and Portugal) that are primarily embedded in association University Iberoamericana de Postgrado (AUIP).


increase the participation of the UNESP in the formation of human resources for research.
Enrich the academic environment with students from different countries and cultures.
Increase of the UNESP cooperation relations with institutions of higher education from Ibero-American countries.
Contribute to increasing the qualifications of teachers and University researchers in Latin America (Latin America, Caribbean, Spain and Portugal).

directed to

teachers and not Brazilian researchers linked to institutions of higher education from Ibero-American countries (including Spain and Portugal), preferably associated with the AUIP, who are interested in pursuing any of doctoral programs, related previously, offered by the UNESP during the academic year 2013.


grants have an allocation of 2,000 reais (two thousand Brazilian reais) monthly for a non-renewable period of 48 months up. There are no tuition fees or registration fees. Where the fellow is already enrolled in the doctoral course, the scholarship will be granted only for the period of time remaining until the end of the program.

a time that the candidate perform the registration at the UNESP will receive an additional aid of R $ 2.000,00 (two thousand Brazilian reais) for the initial installation costs.

payment of the scholarship, as well as additional aid, will begin when the beneficiary has started his studies at the UNESP. The payment will be made monthly, through transfer to a Brazilian bank account whose data must be provided by the scholar upon arrival at the UNESP.

scholar should remain in the corresponding Department during the formative period without that implying that, where his research director considers it appropriate, part of your research may be made in the University of origin. The authorization of its director presenting a plan of research and implementation of previously agreed objectives will be indispensable for that.

the only scholarship will be effective during the months in which the researcher stays in the UNESP. Therefore, payments will be interrupted when the fellow returns to his/her home University to perform part of the investigation and will be reset when, by decision of the director or of the fellow, return it to the UNESP for a period of mentoring, coordination or any other activity of their doctoral training program. This action plan will be directed by the Director of research and must be approved by the Pro-reitoria de Pos-graduação of the UNESP. In any case, it is expected that this work plan can be made from the first formative year. The first year of training is mainly face-to-face nature, therefore, expected that doctoral students remain at least 10 months during the first year.

seekers requirements be teachers or not Brazilian researchers linked to universities in Ibero-American countries, preferably associated with the AUIP, and have the explicit endorsement of their institution.
Be in possession of a Master’s or equivalent degree. In exceptional cases, may be accepted requests for people who only have a degree of Bachelor or equivalent, provided in your country that is the title that gives access to doctoral degree, preferably in an area of knowledge related to the requested program.
Send the application form and the required documentation within the period specified in this call.

the deadline for submitting applications ends on March 15, 2013.

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