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Scholarships official masters of the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía

Academic direction for institutional relations has opened registration for the scholarships of the masters official 2014-2015 of the International University of Andalusia (UNIA), Member of the Group of universities Iberoamericanas La Rábida, of which the PUCP is also part.

the official master's degrees are offered in the following areas: social and legal sciences, experimental sciences and technology, and health sciences. The scholarship will have the following components: tuition, accommodation, accommodation and maintenance, and additional aid (travel expenses).

scholarships and study grants are aimed at foreign students, especially from Latin America, that participate, get square and formalize the enrolment in phase I, the procedure laid down for pre-registration for the official masters 2014-2015.

stakeholder can preregister until March 31, 2014, on the Platform enabled the University of Andalusia.