Scholarships of the Valencian Museum of Ethnology

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Convened five research fellowships to develop in the Ethnology of the provincial Council of Valencia 2012 Valencian Museum.

the deadline for submission of requests ends on July 30.

the provincial Council of Valencia aims to boost research practices listed below are detailed, by granting scholarships to develop in the Valencian Museum of Ethnology and that are distributed with the qualifications required as a requirement for each of them, in the following manner:

A scholarship for the “service of research ethnological and traditional culture” for research and collection of materials in field work linked to projects “File of the memory Oral Valenciana” and “local image files / Comarques in Blanc i Negre”. The following qualifications are required: Bachelor’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology or sociology.

A grant of practices relating to the management of the web and social networks linked to the Museum. The following qualifications degree or degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology, sociology, Audiovisual Communication, library and documentation, or journalism required.

A grant for the restoration of ethnological materials to develop in the laboratory of the Valencian Museum of Ethnology (Betera) Ethnology. The following qualifications are required: Bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

scholarship of practice and research in Didactics of museums and didactic suitcases to develop in the unit of dissemination, teaching and exhibitions of the Valencian Museum of Ethnology Se requires the following degrees: a degree or degree in pedagogy, Social Anthropology and Cultural, sociology, history, or art history.

these scholarships will be awarded through competition among the various candidates to them, which shall meet the following general requirements, in addition to the specific qualifications required for each scholarship:

possess the nationality of one of the States members of the European Union or a State party to the agreement on the European economic area. In the case of certificates issued abroad the applicant must provide resolution of recognition, being not enough proof of having applied for or is pending.
Not having enjoyed scholarship some granted by the Corporation in the past three years (affidavit of the person concerned).
Not be enjoying another scholarship or aid, as well as not to develop a regular activity during the period of enjoyment of scholarship (affidavit of the person concerned).
The required qualifications must be issued after May 31, 2003.
Applicants must have been born from 1 January 1973, and included.

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