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Scholarships of curating exhibitions and management of museums

Botín Foundation offers two overseas scholarships for curating exhibitions and museums management grants to obtain professional training in the theory and techniques on the management of museums and the Organization of exhibitions in a comprehensive manner.

the request for the scholarship of € 18,000 of staffing, can be made online or in paper and the deadline for submission of applications ends on 11 may at 1400 hours.

the time of enjoyment of this scholarship will be of a school year in the chosen Center. The results will be announced from 27 July 2012 and will be published on the website of the Botín Foundation.

requirements curating exhibitions and museums management scholarships Be diploma, degree or postgraduate students in fine arts, art history, philosophy and aesthetics, literature, humanities or criticism. Be a professional art, not fulfilling the above requirements to demonstrate training in the field. Possess Spanish nationality or demonstrate the residence from the five years prior to the application. Be between 23 and 40 years. Master the language of the country where the chosen Center. Count the acceptance in writing of the chosen training centre.