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The Santander group and the University of Navarra summon scholarships for students in each of the official masters that will be held at the campus of Pamplona, San Sebastian and Madrid at the University of Navarra during the academic year 2014-2015.

grants cover 35% of the total cost of tuition for the master's degree and are addressed to Spanish, European and Latin American students. In cases in which the master is more than a course, the scholarship covers 35% of the total amount of tuition. In this scenario, its concession in the first course is valid for the second, so it must be not presented scholarship application for the second course. Not may apply for this scholarship students who made the 2nd year of a master of more than a year, which have not been beneficiaries of this call in the first. Not eligible to this call who already benefited from it in earlier editions.

students will be required to apply for a scholarship of any call, public or private, if they meet the conditions required in their bases. This call grants are exclusively applicable to tuition fees and can be compatible with any other scholarship or financial assistance that the recipient can get to deal with these costs. These scholarships are not cumulative to the discounts that applied to the University of Navarra as the matrícula de honor, family large or that is offered to the Alumni members of Alumni. In addition to other public and private scholarships, this call is compatible with others at the University of Navarra.

in the case of the program of incentives for the realization of the doctoral thesis, these grants are compatible but not cumulative. I.e., if a student is recipient of 80% of tuition incentive program discount and is beneficiary of the scholarship of the University of Navarra call - Grupo Santander, be reduced the percentage of discount of the incentive program, so that the sum of the two options may never exceed 80% of the registration fee. The sum of all scholarships and discounts granted can never be greater than the amount of the tuition of the course for which they are requested, and, in the case of it, the difference will be subtracted support this call.

to another one of these scholarships is requirement:

1. Having finished the race or be studying the last year of the studies necessary to access the master at the time of submitting the application. If granted the scholarship, this will depend to the overcoming of the studies at the time of starting the master, including the final project in the degrees that require it.

2. Have the necessary linguistic knowledge for a good follow-up of the chosen curriculum.

3. Before submitting the scholarship application, have requested admission to one of the masters of official character taught at the University of Pamplona, San Sebastian and Madrid at the University of Navarra contained in paragraph 7 of this regulation. The effective granting of the scholarship will occur at the time of complete the enrollment process, reducing the amount by 35%, provided the student has made it on the number of credits required in the curriculum.

4. Obtain a minimum GPA of 7 points (on a scale of 0 to 10 points) or 2 points (on a scale of 0 to 4 points) in the degree that has given access to the master. Students from technical, such as architecture or engineering degrees, will required a note minimum average of 6 points, in the first case, and 1.5 points, in the second.
. In case of award of this scholarship, the student undertakes to complete the enrollment process in the term in which the Secretary of the master or the admissions service dictate is and, where appropriate, to payment of the registration within that period, which is not refundable reserve. Non-compliance with these procedures will result in immediate refusal of the grant.

documentation to qualify for these scholarships, unbound, quoted below and shall be delivered personally or sent by post to the scholarships and aid of the admission Service Area. Applications will not be accepted by fax or e-mail. The documentation will not be returned to the applicant in any case, even if the request is denied. Scholarships and aid of the admission Service Area reserves the right to request any additional documentation that will help to make a correct assessment of the application.

application form duly completed in all sections. Photocopy of the national document of identity (identity card) or passport (for international students) only. Two recent photographs of size meat attached in the corresponding places of the application form.

master's object of these scholarships are as follows:

Master for access to the Master advocacy in counseling Fiscal Master in banking and financial regulation master's degree in biodiversity, landscapes and sustainable management master's degree in political communication and corporate Master in business law Master in law of globalization and of the master's degree Social integration in managing people in the organizations Master in architectural design Master in Design and environmental management of buildings Master in economics and finance Executive Masters in fashion business address Master in production management in companies of automotive Master Executive communication companies management master in nursing in palliative care "masters" in contemporary studies European Master in food, nutrition, and metabolism Master in philosophy: reality, knowledge, action Master in Audiovisual script master's degree in Government and culture of the Master organizations in drug r & d Master in Engineering Industrial Master in telecommunications engineering, Master in educational intervention and psychological Master in biomedical research Master in research in communication Master in research in engineering applied master's degree in marriage and family Master in advanced practice and management of Nursing Master's degree in Faculty of secondary education master's degree in theory and history of architecture