Scholarships Master’s degree University of Salamanca 2015‐2016

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The University of Salamanca announces ten scholarships targeting students with good grades in university studies that allow access to the official master’s degree training. There are two modes: there will be five scholarships to students of the University of Salamanca and five others for students from other universities.

the requirements to access these scholarships are as follows:

have Spanish nationality or be a national of a country of the European Union or another country while proving to be resident in Spain.
Be able to enroll for the first time in the first year of a master’s degree.
Enroll in the University of Salamanca in the deadline established.
Be in possession of a note equal or beyond to 8.5.

the documentation that must be submitted along with the application is as follows:

photocopy of the DNI or NIE
Certificate of academic record if the studies have been made in another University.
If these studies that give access to the master have been conducted at an International University have to be accredited by the equivalence of note average calculated by ANECA.

requests can be sent until 30 September 2015. These grants will be awarded to students with top ratings in studies which give access to pursue a master’s degree. The jury which will assess applications is formed by the Board’s own scholarship of the University of Salamanca. The resolution will be up to the Vice President for student and Extension Service and will be published on the Bulletin Board of the Rector’s office and on the website of the service of scholarships and grants to study.

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