Scholarships Leonardo da Vinci University of Valencia

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The University-Business Foundation of the University of Valencia ADEIT manages practices in European companies through European scholarships Leonardo da Vinci. Through these grants, young graduates of any Spanish University can perform practices in companies in another country of the European Union.

over the 2012-2013 call will grant a total of 250 scholarships for internships in European companies.

each scholarship lasts for 26 weeks, and be made full-time, according to the working hours of the country of destination.

practices may start from 15/09/2012 being the latest date of departure on 31/07/2013.

the deadline for applying for a scholarship Leonardo da Vinci Adeit will remain open until 01/07/2013, taking into account that should have completed university degree at the time of start the practice.

the evaluation by the Evaluation Committee of applications with Enterprise offer scholarships will be maximum 3 months in advance at the beginning of the stay.

objectives of these scholarships:

these scholarships offered to young university students:

professional experience according to their degree of 26 weeks in a European company.
Qualifications and professional skills complementary to training acquired in universities.
Better opportunities for access to the world of work.
Improvement of language skills.
 Knowledge of other socio-cultural realities.

to qualify for a scholarship Leonardo da Vinci Adeit, the applicant must comply with the following requirements:

have a college degree of any Spanish University, is public or private, in any of the studies taught in them and not have more than two years since the degree. (Note: the two years are considered from the completion of the College until the beginning of the stay).
Not be enrolled in any university study.
You have nationality of one of the countries participating in the programme Leonardo da Vinci or permanent residence in Spain.
Not having experience of more than one year university level once completed his studies.
Not receive additional support from the European Commission for the same period of time.
You have not enjoyed a Leonardo grant before, because the condition of fellow Leonardo da Vinci can be obtained only once, regardless of the number of degrees that study.
Not have, or have had labour or professional relationship with the company or host institution in which is to be the practice.
Untreated people with doctoral studies, titled master or another type of postgraduate studies which have not obtained the University degree prior to these studies in a public or private Spanish University or persons entitled to recognition of qualifications obtained in other countries.
Priority shall be given to those applicants who do not enjoyed other scholarships for practical experiences abroad once completed university studies.
Justify one level of languages sufficient for carrying out practices: minimum level B1 or equivalent in the language of work. This accreditation will be made through the certificates listed in the table of level of languages.

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