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Scholarships Foundation Dexeus women's health

La Fundación Dexeus summons five research grants within the area of women's health, in particular to the fields of general Gynecology, maternal-fetal medicine, Gynecology Oncology, medicine of reproduction and basic sciences in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology.

these grants are targeted to young researchers, graduates in Sciences health, wishing to carry out their research projects in any of these five areas in a national institution. The University degree giving access to these grants must have been issued by a Spanish University.

you'll have preferential assessment those applicants under age 40 to closing date of the call. A person in charge of the research group must certify training and responsibility of the applicant, also has done the Center it is a part.

the application must be attached a memory with the work that you want to carry out under cover of these scholarships, with an extension of between five and seven pages, that concrete research objectives, the plan of action, the phases of the project, dates, economic memory and a justification of why it is suitable to do the job. Also should include a curriculum of the principal investigator, a copy of the bases with the signature of the investigator, responsible for the group he is a part and the Center where you will carry out the project; and a letter signed by the responsible group and as Centre to support this project and its feasibility, with another endorsement on the ability of the researcher for the under 40.

scholarships are available until 22: 00 hours of the day, November 1, 2015.

the jury shall consist of members of the Foundation Scientific Committee and people of recognized prestige in the areas of Health Sciences, being the most voted by the jury who get the corresponding grant. Two-year term will have to develop the work; the first report will be presented at the end of the first year and two years shall submit a final report with the findings.