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Scholarships for viticultural practices in France

The Secretariat of agriculture, livestock and agro-industry, dependent of the Ministry of production and development economic of the Government of San Juan (Argentina), reports that entries are open to obtain a scholarship for Affairs France viticultural practices.

the call is carried out within the framework of the cooperation agreement, signed by the Governor Gioja, the Minister of production and economic development, Lic. Marcelo Alos and Joel Castany, holder of the Languedoc wine producers - Provença cooperative Federation and representative of the cooperative Val dOrbieu and the cooperative of Leucate, France.

among the most important actions of the agreement is support for various programmes and the exchange of specialists, professionals, students and researchers during the next harvest and French development in 2012 and for the sending of students and professionals from France to Argentina in the harvest and elaboration 2013.

this scholarship program will consist of internships and training aimed at students, professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs in the wine sector during the next harvest. The duration of the training is 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the sector to which it belongs and to which the person concerned is postulated.

training is carried out in the Region of Montpellier, during the months of August to October 2012. The participant will receive stay (accommodation and food), and for some categories of scholarship holders a minimum allocation of ¥ 400,00 per month.

during the stay, the participants will need their internship on a wine company of the Federation of wine producers Languedoc - Provença or the cooperatives Val dOrbieu or Leucate, France.

the aim is returning competitors to be multiplying agents of the experience and knowledge acquired. Those selected have, in addition, to contributions of skills in the development of training projects and other projects that increase the impact of this Exchange program.

requirements: be over 21 years old, have verifiable experience in the sector for which it is postulated, demonstrate leadership through academic activities, commitment to community, sports and other extracurricular activities, undertake to return to the province, completed training; is resident in the province of San Juan, at least for 5 years and possess a passport with at least 6 months validity at the time of the trip.