Scholarships for the State Agency BOE

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

  The Agency State official Gazette, within its training programme invites six scholarships for training in treatment activities and dissemination of the legal documentation and documentary funds of the Agency State official Gazette for graduates College.  The scholarships are intended to the promotion of theoretical and practical training in tasks related to the study, treatment and legal documentation and dissemination of the documentary funds of the Agency State official Gazette.

grant period shall be twelve months, extendable by other twelve, upon request, three months in advance to the fulfilling of the first period and its authorization by the Agency.  Not may apply for scholarships who enjoyed previously a fellowship at the Agency State official Gazette with the same purpose, except that they had enjoyed the same for a period of less than six months. Fellows will have the advice, guidance and direction of a tutor, who will define the tasks to be carried out.

the enjoyment of scholarship does not mean provision of services or employment or functional relationship one with the Agency State official Gazette or the Ministry of the Presidency, nor imply any commitment in terms of the subsequent addition of the fellow to the template of the same by this agency.  The enjoyment of the scholarships referred to in the present resolution shall be incompatible with any other scholarship, grant or aid granted by agencies, public or private, Spanish or foreign, in temporary coincidence with those.

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