Scholarships for the mobility of artists and cultural managers

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Ibero-American program of mobility of artists and cultural managers is an initiative of the Organization of Ibero-American States for education, science and culture (OEI) which is carried out in collaboration the Ibero-American countries.

this year has the support of the city of Zaragoza, through a specific issue for the city, thus expressing its commitment to work with the Ibero-American cooperation.

the goal is to put at the service of the cultural sector instruments of cooperation and Exchange to promote the knowledge of experiences, models and new methodologies for their specialization and professional development.

the program will support projects, initiatives or cultural networks:

to) require support for their creation and implementation underway; (or

b) are already created and require support for their strengthening, development and growth

mainly hosts two areas of action: line of Cultural Management (LGC) and line of artists and creators (LAC)

call for proposals is open to projects, initiatives or networks which are linked to the following sectors: files, Visual Arts, dance, literature, music, theatre and circus, libraries, television and radio, cinematography, cultural projects, cultural legislation, heritage, folk arts, photography, museology, cultural tourism, creativity and innovation, cultural networking, performing arts and arts education.

the OEI and the city of Zaragoza take the financing of the transfer of the selected beneficiaries. The participating countries will assume the costs of accommodation, food, local transport, materials and health insurance for artists and cultural managers who welcome the days provided for in mobility. The maximum period of stay is seven days. This period may be extended in the event of agreement between countries.

the beneficiaries of the program will be artists and cultural managers from fields related both to the Administration and public management organizations or cultural and artistic associations of public and private sector with a project at any stage of implementation.

requests must be submitted through individuals over age or legal entities, in both the host country national things.

the submission of applications will take place before June 24 individually or as a collective, Dante, in the latter case, designate a representative on it, which will act as a partner and that later will be the person who executed the mobility.

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