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Scholarships for summer courses at German universities

These scholarships are intended to promote attendance at courses of language, culture and civilization and language of specialization offered by educational establishments higher public or officially recognized by the Federal Republic of Germany and associated language institutes.

scholarships have a minimum of 18 days of course (with a maximum of five days per week, not including the day of arrival and departure day), with a minimum of 25 hours per week; courses are taught in German language in German universities during the non teaching period in summer (from June, as very soon). Scholarships are not extendable.

the DAAD grants a grant from 850 euros. As a general rule, accommodation can be hired through the course organizer. Services concerning health insurance, accident insurance and private liability insurance. The language Institute deducted, as a general rule, directly courses and the total amount of the grant housing rates. The student will receive the difference between the amount of the scholarship.

can apply for scholarships undergraduate programs of Bachelor and master of any discipline that, at the beginning of the scholarship, have completed at least two years of higher education. Applications of graduates with master or doctoral degree are not accepted. Students wishing to apply for this scholarship from Spain have to be enrolled in a center of higher education in Spain (country of permanent residence) in time to apply for the grant and the time to start your stay in Germany. Candidates must have good knowledge of German in order to follow lectures in German and participate in work group (as a minimum, equivalent to level B1 of the common European framework of reference for languages (CEFR)).

the minimum age at the beginning of the scholarship is 18 years. Candidates who have obtained a scholarship from the DAAD to attend or to an intensive German language course or a summer course can not reapply for any of these scholarships for a minimum period of three years.

students who are studying the last year of his career only can apply for these scholarships if they demonstrate that they will continue College in the next course with a master's degree, presenting the corresponding proof of the University. 

not double applications for language scholarships will be accepted. I.e., to apply for the scholarship or for an intensive German course or for a summer course. 

only will accept complete applications containing all documentation listed below and in the following order:

1. Application (in German): candidates have to indicate in which course you want to participate. They can be found at In paragraph 2, box "Abgelegte Prüfungen", is sufficient to refer to the academic record.

2. Curriculum vitae (written in German).

3. Detailed exposition of the reasons which have led it to apply for this scholarship (written in German).

4. Letter of recent recommendation from a Professor of the specialty of the applicant which expressed his opinion about the skills of the applicant. Please use the form "letter of recommendation / teacher report" available on the website of the DAAD.
. Photocopy of academic record and photocopying of the University (if applicable). 

6. Certificate German language (minimum level B1 approved), issued by a Goethe Institute in Spain or a reader of the DAAD at a Spanish University (Test OnDaF) German. Certificates from the us are also recognized.OO.II. If the candidate can not resort to any of the options, accept certificates issued by a recognized German teacher, provided that is not of the same teacher that has drafted the letter of recommendation. German certificate must have been issued in the last year, with the exception of "Deutsches Sprachdiplom", certificates of the Goethe Institutes and the TestDaF at levels C1 and C2, and the "Deutsches Abitur", which have no expiration.

7. Additional documents that may support your application (e.g.: supporting scholarship, practices, labour) if applicable. They are optional.  

the maximum deadline for submission in the information center of the DAAD in Madrid is December 1.