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Scholarships for study in Chile

The scholarship program of the Government of Chile includes two modes: for postgraduate scholarships and fellowships for graduate programs.

scholarships for diploma courses are those offered to involve foreign professionals offering highly specialized courses lasting between 4 and 6 weeks as part of the offer of training of human resources for foreigners of the Chile Government.

scholarships for postgraduate courses are those that are oriented to enable foreign professionals perform magister studies in Chilean universities.

all scholarships cover round-trip, ticket allocation maintenance, support for books, support for thesis, tariff charged by the University and health insurance. However, it is important to refer to each year.

in the case of graduate can apply only to those programs of study expressly indicated in annex No. 1 of the call which annually publishes on the web site of AgCI and sent to the focal points of the invited countries.

in the case of graduates can only apply to those who are part of the annual offer made by the Government of Chile in human resources training for foreigners.

to run you have to have a professional title, found currently working, having the unconditional acceptance of a Chilean University comply with the profile specified in the call.

the original background of application must be in the Focal point of the country of origin of each applicant and a copy in the Chile Embassy.

the Chile Government duly completed application form, a photocopy of the title, letter of sponsorship of the institution where he works, medical certificate, a description of the reasons that motivate you to study at Chile, an academic reference letter of final acceptance of the University this last letter is requested only for postgraduate scholarships.

AgCI set as the deadline for receiving the background on 3 January every year. However, the Focal point of each of the invited countries sets a deadline for the receipt of the application background.

in the case of scholarships for postgraduate results are published on the web site the last week of January or the first week of the month of February of each year. An official letter also refers to each Focal point with the results of the application.

in the case of graduates results are reported by the dates specified in each call.

through AgCI

AgCI calls through its web site for foreign professionals interested in doing postgraduate studies in Chile. He harvested the forms and formalized the nominations of Latin American professionals for the realization of postgraduate studies, undergraduate or specialization in Chile to the respective institutions.

AgCI through its programme of technical cooperation among developing countries, convenes and spreads with the focal points and Chile embassies in countries of Latin America master's degree programmes accredited in Chile and diplomas defined by AGCI for the respective year.

at each focal point of Latin American countries. The history of the focal point are marked on each call for proposals published in the AgCI Web site.

Va aimed at Latin American professionals, men and women, that meet the requirements of application and admission referred to in the respective call for proposals.

requirements are:

hand in the AgCI deadlines to the respective focal point, the completed forms, application instructions. Have mental and physical health compatible with the activity. Have the requirements requested in each call for proposals published in the Web site. The persons concerned are who checked if they are able to enter from the academic point of view, since the specialties made to vary the conditions of entry and each applicant represents a particular case from the point of view of the admission. Possessing excellent academic performance, among others.

the application is done through the various focal points and Chile embassies in the countries of Latin America, which in turn they receive forms and made the pre-selection with the respective points focal for nominations to the various calls to graduate or graduate. The allocation of scholarship is finally defined by AgCI, financed in full studies. Application time is clearly marked on the respective call for proposals.

do not accept applications outside indicating the call.

the scholarship has a duration of up to 24 months to 1 month and magister studies approximately for graduate studies.

these are grants that allow you to choose all kinds of master studies or diploma offered by AgCI, with financing complete, provided applicants meet the requirements set out in the relevant call for proposals and the admission as foreign students.

AgCI disseminates, and provides guidance on such studies, received in the Chilean agency deadlines, forms and requested background.

the final decision at this point depends exclusively on AgCI.