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Scholarships for studies in latin and ancient Greek in Rome

The Academy Vivarium novum offers scholarships in two modalities:

10 scholarships complete preparatory level students (16-18 years of age)

28 scholarships complete for university-level students (18 to 24 years of age) from anywhere in the world.

applicants should send a letter of motivation to before July 10.

to anticipate outcomes, applicants must send their cards before May 31.

the course is made up of the following areas:

Latin (basic and advanced) Greek (basic and advanced) Latin stylistics Roman history Literature Latin ancient History of a ancient philosophy Neo-latina literature Metric and ancient poetry Reading of classics seminars The purpose of these courses is to acquire a perfect mastery of latin and Greek through a total immersion in both languages, so that, without any difficulty, it can be accessed in a way complete texts and concepts that have been handed down from antiquity, the middle ages, the Renaissance and modernity, and cultivating the humanities in a similar manner to as it was done in the schools of the Renaissance humanists.

all classes will be taught in latin, with the exception of Greek classes, which will be in ancient Greek.