Scholarships for students of secondary education

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Call for scholarships of financial support for students in secondary education in the framework of the “programme of support to educational continuity and access”.

the scholarship aims to promote social inclusion from the support for the universalization of secondary education, facilitating access and educational continuity as also the reintegration into the education system to students who participate in other programs.

addressed to students of basic public secondary education or high school. I.e., required students who pursue or enter secondary education, technical and professional education /UTU and their socio-economic status as well.

must fill out the ONLINE form available at until March 1, 2013.

each Center has a referent which follows and supports to those students interested in completing the form and apply for the scholarship. In turn there is a specific reference in each departmental Committee on education.

student must deliver the required documentation jointly with constancy that prints after completing the scholarship application, in the educational centre where this enrolled at the year 2013.

educational centre will report economic partner of the family and the educational process of the student and will send a list with priority to the departmental Committee on education.

Las commissions Department of education shall take into account for the award of the scholarships the socio-economic situation of the family where family income cannot exceed 2 Bases of benefits and contributions per capita (currently $4834) and the student’s schooling.

the National Commission studies and approves those grant applications submitted by the departmental committees of education operating in each Department and at the same time articulates scholarships and support systems for students.

scholarship consists of 4 two-monthly payment: April-may; June-July; August-September and October-November, for students of basic Media education annual payment is $6,400 and for students of higher education Media is $8,000. For the payment of the scholarship Education Center shall confirm the attendance of beneficiary students before each collection in the months of June, August and October and schooling of the student.

the Office of scholarships inform departmental commissions of education names of the beneficiary of the scholarship students so that they inform the educational centers of his Department.

scholarship recipient students shall sign an agreement Centre educational-student-family.

payment dates shall be communicated to each departmental Committee of education and these schools of his Department.

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