Scholarships for research on cancer in Lyon

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Convened the scholarships for the 2013-2014 Cancer Research in Lyon (France) to young scientists engaged in research in medicine and related sciences, and who wish to pursue a career in the research of cancer, that have doctor’s degree or are in their final phase of ending it.

have a duration of two years, starting in November 2013 and are convened by the international agency on the investigation of the Cancer (IARC) of the world of the Health Organization (who). Partially funded by the Marie Curie actions of the 7th framework programme – People – COFUND.

the aim is to coordinate and carry out epidemiological and research laboratory on the causes and prevention of cancer.


epidemiology (including genetic and molecular),
    Areas related to the mechanisms of carcinogenesis, molecular genetic and cellular, molecular biology, Epigenetics and molecular pathology
    Emphasis on interdisciplinary projects supports:

between 8 and 10 scholarships, depending on the availability of funds.
    The annual stipend is 33,000 euros.
    The cost of the trip for the fellow
    Health insurance coverage.


candidates must have finished his doctorate (Ph.d.) in the five years following the closing date of this call, or be in the final stage of finishing his doctorate.
    The working languages are English and French. Candidates must have one level sufficient for scientific communication in English.
    Candidates should contact the Group’s host of your choice in the IARC before applying for a scholarship in order to work closely together to establish a project and programme of mutual interest. They can put in contact with the heads of group, which can be done through the website of the Agency: (see Research Sections).
    Candidates linked to commercial entities or that they have a partnership with the tobacco industry are not eligible.

the deadline for submitting applications is November 30, 2012

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