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Scholarships for postgraduate foreigners in Colombia

The Government of Colombia Announces scholarships for foreign nationals, in reciprocity to the international cooperation received by Colombia under educational exchange agreements. Applications can be submitted until November 22, 2013. The scholarships are aimed at professionals no more than 40 years of age, who have title of undergraduate (degree or Bachelor's degree) in different disciplines and having high academic qualities, as well as minimum experience of one year in their field of study. The candidate must master the Spanish language (reading, writing and speaking).

when granting scholarships plus during selection academic and professional profile of the candidate, level of studies to be carried out, academic excellence, research project, and reciprocity in educational cooperation.

applicants must have minimum experience of one year in their field of study, after having obtained the University degree. The candidate must have successfully completed their university studies. The curriculum to start in 2014, will not consider admission to programs that start in 2015. Applications of foreign nationals who are living in Colombia will be accepted for any reason.

summon scholarships for PhD, specialization and expertise, all in modality. The program covers installation charges $302.820 (approximately us$ 150) only once; stipend for books and supplies * $302.820 (approximately us$ 150) only once; policy of health coverage in medical assistance at the national level only unforeseen $157.590 (approximately us$ 80) only once; registration coverage of 100% of the total of these costs awarded by the higher education institution Colombian (only for academic programs that are within the offer); monthly stipend for a value of $.1768.500 (about us$ 956).

the scholarships in Colombia will have a maximum duration of twelve months for specialization, twenty-four months to master and thirty-six months for PhD.

scholarships are granted an annual effective, reason why, for more than 12 months academic programs, the scholar must request extension to their second or third year. The extension shall be subject to the fulfilment of the requirements established by the ICETEX. It should be clarified that such a time extension is optional for the competent authority and is not under obligation to the ICETEX, cover economic costs in the intern incurred after your academic program is completed.