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Scholarships for journalists at Harvard 2020

The nieman Foundation's Scholarships for journalists is open. The goal is that the selected can take a specific one-year course to develop a specific project related to journalism innovation at Harvard University.

There are up to twenty-four places for professionals, twelve nationals and twelve international.

In addition, they must have five years of experience in full-time journalism.

In addition, there are no age limits, no pre-study requirements. Although it does ask for English language knowledge.

In addition, they may be working as journalists or working in a news organization, whether in business, technology or leadership. Also those independent professionals can apply for this journalism scholarship.

Scholarship benefits

In the case of international fellows, the Nieman Foundation works with international foundations that provide scholarships to citizens of certain nations or regions of the world.

These are the requirements to apply for

To require an application, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Two rehearsals.
  • Professional profile.
  • Summary of the curriculum.
  • Examples of work performed.
  • As well as three letters of recommendation.

As for how to apply for these studies in the United States, Harvard University must be completed. As well as, the help of your teachers, research centers or libraries.