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Scholarships for doctoral dissertation in the Ibero-American University of Malaga

The University of Malaga considered important for Latin American countries, the creation and strengthening of a "space Ibero-American knowledge" (EIC) which promote the research, development and innovation. 

with the purpose of promoting research and international cooperation through training of PhD students, University of Malaga, through the International Centre of postgraduate and doctorate and the Vice President for communications and international projection, and in collaboration with the Iberoamerican University Postgraduate Association (AUIP), offers a scholarship program to encourage international mobility, and especially the realization of thesis supervision contract. 

the program funded five grants for tuition, transportation, accommodation and Board, for the realization of the doctoral thesis at the University of Malaga, aimed at people linked to institutions in the Latin American context associated with the AUIP.

can apply for these scholarships teachers, researchers, graduates and graduate students associated with Latin American universities associated with the AUIP interested in make use a stay during the academic year 2014-2015 to develop research tasks. 

grants cover the rates of enrolment as doctoral student as well as the transportation, accommodation and maintenance during the year 2014-2015, for a maximum period of nine months and a maximum amount of € 6,000. 

enrollment as a PhD from the University of Malaga, is intended to formalize the services of academic supervision for the elaboration of the thesis, at the request of the interested parties, and is prerequisite for all

the scope of PhD students is the official teachings of doctorate of the University of Malaga.  

who qualify for the scholarships must be in possession of the official Spanish degree degree, or equivalent, and Master's degree (except exempt degrees) or the assumptions described in article 6 of the Royal Decree 99/2011 (, and meet the requirements of academic of the program of doctorate Committee corresponding. 

also may apply who are in possession of a diploma obtained in accordance with foreign educational systems outside the European area of higher education, without its approval, but after verification that the title certifies a level of education equivalent to the corresponding Spanish titles of Master's degree and that empowered in the exporting country of the title for the access to doctoral studies. This admission does not imply, in any case, the approval of the previous title that is in possession, the person concerned, or his recognition to other effects than the teachings of doctoral study.

also be eligible for these scholarships who are already doing a doctoral program at the University of Malaga, being enrolled therein, and in particular those who are engaged or wish to carry out, her thesis supervision contract. 

applicants must be residents abroad and be linked, in some way, to institutions of higher education associated with the AUIP, and count with the express approval of this institution.

the deadline for submission of applications ends on June 11.